Japanese brand COLORS  had one of those  a clever brainwaves with Cartesia, a serie of furnitures that allows you to access more than one desk drawer at once. The  new CARTESIA Desk designed by NOSIGNER is developed with traditional wooden craftsmanship from Tokushima in Japan and it’s available in Tamo tree or walnut. http://colors-cc.net

cartesia desk 01

An elegant and minimal design  possesses the 2-directional structure of CARTESIA drawer: a functional solution that allows you to access multiple storage at the same time as well as eliminating blind spots in the back of each drawer.

cartesia desk 02

In addition to its clever Cartesia system, this sophisticated business desk features a small side-drawer to store electric cables and a deeper one for documents or large files.

cartesia desk 03

COLORS is a brand, viewing different “Cultures” as multiple “Colors.” Each collection possesses a rich cultural background, related to a specific know-how thanks to the collaboration with traditional craftsman/designers, and the use of  natural and unique materials with their distinctive techniques. http://colors-cc.net

cartesia desk 04