Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Bling Topaz - All photos by Bolon.
Bolon’s DIVERSITY collection: Bling Topaz – All photos by Bolon.

Stockholm 2019 – 70 years ago in Stockholm an idea sparked into life. Textile waste became rag rugs and Bolon was born. Under the leadership of its third generation, the company celebrates its seven decades of daring to be different with the Diversity flooring design collection.

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Bouquet Blush Amber - All photos by Bolon.
Bouquet Blush Amber.

Diversity, celebrates variation, participation and inspiration. “The collection creates opportunities to play with the patterns and to give different floor areas a distinctive look, without compromising on the overall impression.” Says Bolton’s CEO Marie Eklund. 

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Bling Garnet - All photos by Bolon.
Bling Garnet.

The 2019 collection includes three different patterns Bling, Buzz and Bouquet. The three designs are available in four base colours – grey, beige, brown or black – each one declined in vibrant earthy hues – such as terracotta, aquamarine and pine green.

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Bouquet Topaz - All photos by Bolon.
Bouquet Topaz.

Bling’s twisted, chain link pattern is large in scale and bold in execution. Bouquet’s floral motifs is inspired by a water colour painting and features a melange of nuances and gloss threads. Buzz is softer and more modest. It has a textile-like appearance with a slight shimmer, and comfortably covers large areas.

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Buzz Straw Pebble - All photos by Bolon.
Buzz Straw Pebble.

Buzz and Bouquet are available as tiles which allow even greater customisation. “Diversity proves that no idea is too ‘out-there’ and that our flooring can be an instrumental architectural element, at home, in the office or in hotels lobbies and rooms”.

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Buzz Grass - All photos by Bolon.
Buzz Grass.

Making use of diverse talent, machinery and perspectives, Bolon has grown because it believes in the importance of plurality. “Over 70 years ago, our founder Nils-Erik Eklund was ahead of his time and today, his ability to see opportunity where others couldn’t still inspires us.” Adds Marie Eklund.

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Buzz all - All photos by Bolon.
Buzz all designs.

All photos: courtesy of Bolon. 

Bolon's DIVERSITY collection: Bling Amber - Photo by Bolon
Bling Amber.