Moon-inspired architecture and design. Museum of the Moon at Tintern Abbey – photo by Gemmakatewood.

Moon-inspired – 50 years ago, astronaut Neil Armstrong pronounced the famous quote “A small step for a man, a giant leaps for mankind.” In the very same years space ships inspired Joe Colombo’s modular Multichair collection and Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s Allunaggio bench, Space Age furniture thrived while Finnish Matti Suuronen envisioned his iconic FUTURO HOUSE units. Just to mention few examples. 50 years later digital technology, extreme engineering and the sustainable emergency inspire designers and architects in a different way.

The first permanent lunar village by SOM

Moon Village by SOM – Photo by ©SOM.

Architecture studio SOM – Skidmore, Owings & Merrill  has unveiled its proposal for the first permanent community on the lunar surface. The inflatable village comprises living pods for the the rim of the Shackleton Crater, near to the moon’s South Pole. “The project presents a completely new challenge for the field of architectural design,” said SOM design partner Colin Koop. “For example, we have to consider problems that no one would think about on Earth, like radiation protection, pressure differentials, and how to provide breathable air.” The proposal was developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Musical Sputnik @ Burning Man 2019

Sputnik Theremin @ Burnign Man 2019 - Image by Linda Ljungahl
Sputnik Theremin at Burnign Man 2019 – Image by Linda Ljungahl.

The Americans made it first to the moon, but the Russians made it first to outer Space. This year at Burning Man Festival, Swedish artist Linda Ljungahl will showcase Sputnik Theremin, an installation merging a replica of the Sputnik I,  the first human-made object in space, combined with a Theremini, an electronic musical instrument producing vintage sci-fi harmonies that can be played without physical contact. “In these times of technical progress and renewed interest in space exploration, let guide you through a musical metamorphosis into unknown territories of what the future has to give us.”

Os & Oos’ designs are inspired by interactions between the sun, the moon and the Earth

SYZYGY collection by Os & Oos - Photo: courtesy of Os & Oos.
SYZYGY collection by Os & Oos – All photos: courtesy of Os & Oos.

When three celestial bodies line up, they create a SYZYGY, an astronomical event that comes in many configurations such as eclipses, transits and occultations. Dutch studio Os & Oos created a collection of lamps and a clock that replicates these outer space phenomenons with a minimal design and an intriguing mechanism. The collection combines solid concrete volumes with overlapping discs made of glass and filters laminated on glass. Read more…

Hiroto Yoshizoe’s fluctuating constellation of moons

The moon is the most well-known indirect lighting known to humanity. It receives light from the sun to gently shines above us, and is strongly associated with our feelings from ancient times.” Japanese designer Hiroto Yoshizoe has composed a hanging constellation of moons: mirrored disks and cones reflect light re-creating a sidereal gravity-free and sparkling effect within the room. The lighting equipment receives light from external environments and appears to shine gently to our eyes. Read more…

Museum of the Moon

Museum of The Moon - Les Tombees de Les Nuit Festival, Rennes France
Museum of The Moon – Les Tombees de Les Nuit Festival, Rennes France.

Museum of the Moon is a touring artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface. 

Daan Roosegaarde to up-cycle space waste to build lunar settlements

Space Waste Lab - Image by Daan Roosegaarde Design Studio
Space Waste Lab – Image by Daan Roosegaarde Design Studio.

There are about 8.1 million kilos of space waste orbiting around the planet. Dutch artist, engineer and activist Daan Roosegaarde has launched a multi-year research platform and a symposium in collaboration with experts from the European Space Agency to forge new ideas and check their feasibility. The Shooting Stars project envisions floating vacuum cleaners collecting space-junk and burning it in the earth’s atmosphere to create artificial shooting stars. In another proposals space-waste are up cycled into building blocks for future lunar settlements. 

MAD Architects’ Sheraton Moon Hotel

Sheraton Moon Hotel – All photos by Xia Zhi courtesy of ©MAD Architects.

MAD ArchitectsSheraton Moon Hotel rises like the moon on the Nan Tai Lake, half way between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The circular structure reflects in the water, creating a surreal picture connecting Man-made with Nature-made, as well as creating the shape of an 8 – the luckiest number in Chinese culture. Read more…

Explore the digital dark side of the moon with Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang have created a virtual reality installation flying people to the moon. The 15 minutes experience features an amalgamation of images and tropes ranging from Greek mythology, sci-fi movies, literature and science. In the VR journey, the moon is imagined as a dystopic dumping ground for plastics and nuclear waste. The exhibition ends with a spectacular digital firework show.