Sana Yousif Alabdulwahed @ Saudi Design Week 2018.

5 Saudi designers to look out for. Sana Yousif Alabdulwahed @ Saudi Design Week 2018.

Riyadh 2018 – The 5th edition of Saudi Design Week became the stage for over 58 local and regional designers and brands which presented a pluralistic interpretation of sustainability. From cultural preservation to the reimagining of space through space, and eco-friendly product development.

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Sana Yousif Alabdulwahed

Sana Yousif Alabdulwahed @ Saudi Design Week 2018.

Sana Yousif Alabdulwahed reinterpreted Saudi masnads – a lounge set of cushions for the living room – by meshing traditional manufacturing with computer programming, CNCs and Robotics. “Sustainability comes in so many forms.” Explains the designer who used local materials crafted in Dammam to create a multifaceted set. “Although that the research prove that these complex geometries to be attractive to the Saudi market, we were about to give up on that. However, we found a way to  deconstruct the form in an easy way to both the craftsmen and the material in its original  size, form and thickness”. 

Nota Nota

Nota Nota @ Saudi Design Week 2018.

Nota Nota created a smart personal perfume mixing machine connecting to an app which allows you to design and share your own perfume. “We think that designers should build products that encourage people to be a productive rather than being a consumer only”.

ASI Design Studio

ASI Design Studio @ Saudi Design Week 2018 - photo by Abdulmajeed Al Rodan.

Photo by Abdulmajeed Al Rodan.

Established in 2010 , ASI Design Studio and platform creates products upholding Saudi cultural heritage and crafts through technology. At SDW 2018 the studio presented an inspiring sustainable collection by emerging artists reflecting environment  and  sustainability awareness such as Maha Al Ghanmi’s decorative painted artworks.


ABADIA @ Saudi Design Week 2018.


Abadia is a Saudi contemporary luxury fashion label. “We are committed to preserving local craftsmanship by providing artisans with a sustainable source of income. The women we work with use traditional weaving and embroidery techniques that have been practiced for generations.” The brand is known for its iconic farwa. “We have adapted the design for the contempo­rary woman and aim to bring this modem take on a Saudi tradition to the world.”

Noura Bouzo

Noura Bouzo @ SAUDI DESIGN WEEK 2018.

©Noura Bouzo.

Co-curator of Saudi Design Week Noura Bouzo recreated valuable scenes on either reclaimed wood or recycled materials from miniatures of Islamic paintings in an effort to bring more awareness to Islamic art and sustain heritage.

All images: courtesy of Saudi Design Week.

5 Saudi designers to look out for. Nota Nota - photo by Abdulmajeed Al Rodan.

5 Saudi designers to look out for. Nota Nota – photo by Abdulmajeed Al Rodan.