muuto 45 a

Finnish designer Tuomas Auvinen, from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, won the latex edition of MUUTO design contest with 45° lamp. Theshape of this unconventional lighting allows it to hang from the ceiling, lie on the floor or be placed in the corner where the ceiling and the wall meet.

muuto 45 b

I have always been fascinated by making spaces usable. One day when entering an empty apartment, I wondered why the corners and angles were not better exploited, and then I came up with the idea for 45°. Through its shape and versatility the lamp can be placed everywhere in the room and no matter how it is installed, it will cast the light in an angle of 45 degrees” Comment Tuomas Auvinen.

muuto 45 c

45° Lamp is capable of exploiting the spaces that are somewhat used less, and more than other interiors it almost becomes part of the room or building, which creates a certain magic

Photo: courtesy of MUUTO.