2017 London Festival of Architecture. The Dulwich Pavilion - Photo by summerc0les IG.

2017 London Festival of Architecture. The Dulwich Pavilion – Photo by summerc0les IG.

London – Until the 30th of June, 2017 London Festival of Architecture spans across the city with 450 exhibitions and installations but also talks and guided tours tuning with the keyword MEMORY. In a delicate time which sees the British capital entangled in pressing contingencies and future uncertainties curators focused on the architectural heritage as a starting point for reflection.

London is the world’s architectural hub. Memory’ is fundamental to how people experience any city, and London is no different as a rich depository of memories old and new.” Says London Festival of Architecture director Tamsie Thomson. “This year’s festival will celebrate those memories, create new ones, and explore how London memories can influence the future of our city”.

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The Dulwich Pavilion

Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Road, Southwark SE21 7AD – Free admission.
2017 London Festival of Architecture. The Dulwich Pavilion - Photo via @dulwichgallery IG.

2017 London Festival of Architecture – Photo via @dulwichgallery IG.

London architecture practice IF_DO designed The Dulwich Pavilion at Dulwich Picture Gallery. A lightweight structure dialogues with the stock brick and Portland stone facades of the John Soane’s gallery building. A series of translucent mirrored screens reflect and disrupt the context. The venue plays hosts to a range of events from talks to performances throughout the summer.

Silvertown “farewell” tours

Siemens Crystal, E16 1GB, and various location in London’s docklands – free admission.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Courtesy of the Silvertown Partnership.

Courtesy of the Silvertown Partnership.

As the new “City in the East” takes shape, guided tours invite visitors to explore the historic Silvertown area in London’s dockland including also the derelict Millennium Mills, a former flour mill set to be completely transformed in few years. A public exhibition of proposals for new creative workspace beneath the Silvertown Flyover will be on display at the Siemens Crystal.

Battersea Power Station: tour with WilkinsonEyre

June 23 – 3 pm – Enter the ballot within Wednesday 21 HERE.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Battersea Power Station - Photo by @londonfestivalofarchitecture

Photo by @londonfestivalofarchitecture, IG.

Sneak a peak into the newest housing developments changing the landscape of London. Jim Eyre from  WilkinsonEyre conducts tours at Battersea Power Station. The proposed designs are consistent with and sympathetic to Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s masterpiece, with the chimneys and turbine halls remaining the dominant features of the building.

The Peckham toymaker installation

Richard Hoggart Building, SE14 6NW – Free admission.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Peckahm Toymaker. Courtesy of Tsuruta Architects.

Courtesy of Tsuruta Architects.

Tsuruta Architects, London Dreamtime, FINSA and MakeLiverpool invite visitors to discover the legend of the Peckham Toymaker. The kind-of-spooky story of a toy atelier that haunts homes after being destroyed during WWII. The Peckham Toymaker installation will unfold as visitors come to marvel at the interactive installation on the forecourt of Goldsmiths. Read more about the legend.

Sanctum Ephemeral

Cressingham Gardens Estate, SW2 2QG – Free admission.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Mark Aitken's "Sanctum Ephemeral".

Courtesy of Mark Aitken.

Mark Aitken shoot portraits of residents living on Cressingham Gardens Housing Estate that will be exhibited on house exteriors. The Sanctum Ephemeral photo-project transforms the estate which has been earmarked for demolition into an open air gallery offering intimate access to homes and residents in a unique way. “The public exhibition explores how home as a repository of memory defines identity” explains Aitken.

Unexpected Underground

10.00am – 12.00pm Holloway Road Station N7 8HS – £10.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Unexpected Underground: Papawee Sathawarawong

© Papawee Sathawarawong.

Unexpected Underground invites visitor to step into the Victorian era as the character of Leslie Green, theArchitect-in-chief, leads them through the architectural history of the stations. This self-guided urban game experience is recommended to be played in a small group. Small tasks are set at each of the stations in order to make a complete paper theatre after the journey

Temple of the Tongue

19 – 22 June Bompas and Parr, SE1 3AE – £10.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Diageo.

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Diageo/Johnny Walkers.

Bompas & Parr welcome you into their studio for a sensual and provocative installation looking through the lens of memory. Equipped with headphones, visitors will be guided through an audiotour and exhibition while invigilators, armed with crystal tipped spears, will interrogate your flavour palate, feed you rare treats and sit you down to hear a recital from a cocktail pipe-organ.

Miniplex, sharing a modular future.

Paternoster Square, EC4M 7DX – Free admission.
2017 London Festival of Architecture - Miniplex at Paternoster Square. Photo by @londonfestiivalofarchitecture

Photo by @londonfestiivalofarchitecture

The City Center youth group have built the Miniplex modular pop-up installation made from flexible plastic pieces, each one fitting together to form symmetrical interconnected shapes that gradually increase in size and can be added to infinitely. The project curated by Vlad Tenu and Allford Hall Monaghan Morris involved aspiring architects and engineers aged 14-19 and will be on display until June 23.