Lasvit. ViaLucis

Lasvit. ViaLucis. Krausova & Sostak – Photo: courtesy of Lasvit.

Milan 2016 – Psychedelic cactuses, a glowing planet in a Neoclassic palazzo and a design-clinic for sex detox (or retox)… It’s practically impossible to get bored at Milan Design Week. We picked 10 stunning installations across the city including a bipolar marble set up by Nendo, Hermès brutalist earthen pavilion by Mauricio Rocha and Dimorestudio eclectic apartment.

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Lasvit. ViaLucis

Lasvit. ViaLucis – Photo: courtesy of Lasvit.

Czech lighting company LASVIT presents Via Lucis, a journey through unique and contemporary projects enhanced by skilled master glassmakers. On show also designs by Arik Levy, Campana Brothers, Petra Krausova & Libor Sostak, Daniel Libeskind and more. The exhibition is hosted in the stunning Neoclassic Palazzo Serbelloni in Corso Venezia 16. The company contributed to the restauration of the chandeliers lost during WWII bombings – Watch the teaser.

Shadow and light. As soon as you enter Marsotto Edizioni installation in via Bigli 11/A you have to make a choice between darkness or light. Since the Italian brand is specialised in marble designs that come either in white or black, Japanese studio Nendo conceived a perfectly symmetric installation. A visual effect was created as though the spaces were reflecting each other like a mirror, along with the pillars that were rhythmically arranged. Photos by Takumi Ota.

02 light&shadow09_takumi_ota
Light and shadow installation by Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni
Light and shadow installation by Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni
Light and shadow installation by Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni

No Sex, @ Atelier Biagetti – Piazza Arcole 4. Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari invite people to “a sort of innocent pleasure house or even a happy clinic” where people can reestablish their sexual equilibrium in a “clinic-looking” sanctuary. Pop in to check if you need a detox or a re-tox. The installation features paste-pink designs, clinical curtains while nurses look after the clients. Curious? Check the teaser

NO SEX by Atelier Biagetti

NO SEX by Atelier Biagetti – Photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti, courtesy of Atelier Biagetti.

Mexican Architect Mauricio Rocha designed a Hermès brutalist earthen pavilion in the Teatro Vetra (Piazza Vetra, 7). Dimmed lights convey a sober and elegant atmosphere. Tufo bricks are just stacked one on top of the other and held together with steel rods. At the center, the new bespoke collection of the French brand are displayed with a game of transparencies and perspective.

Hermès at Casa Vetra in Milan

Hermès at Casa Vetra in Milan.

Architecture and fashion dialogue in Forest of Light installation by Sou Fujimoto for COS. Inspired by the fashion brand’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection, the Japanese architect designed an ethereal exhibition: cones of light interact with visitors in a suspended and misty atmophere. Pietro Mascagni 8.


“Forse of Light” COS x SOU FUJIMOTO – All photos: courtesy of COS.

The Unexpected Welcome. Hanging sofas and in a mysteriously dark and seductive ballroom are at the centre of Moooi’s pavilion in Via Savona 56. Radiating from this nucleus, numerous side passages lead to 14 luxuriously captivating, and elegantly styled home settings. This surreal an imaginary world is integrated with new Signature Carpets and new broadloom wall to wall creations.

moooi: The Unexpected welcome 2016

moooi: The Unexpected welcome – Photo by Andrew Meredith, courtesy of moooi.

Japanese watchmakers at CITIZEN is back in Milan with the TIME is TIME installation at SuperStudio Più, Via Tortona 27 – watch the video. A surreal space that goes beyond space and time. 120.000 watch-disks that seam floating in mid-air flicker to etheral sounds and create a suspended atmosphere. The installation by French Studio DGT Architects was first presented at La Triennale – Read the original story here.

Intermissioni by DIMORESTUDIO, the Italian practice constantly moving between design, art, architecture and fashion presents its new collection of furniture in a dark bespoke apartments in Via Solferino 11, Brera District. Identifiable in the use of metals, the new designs play with the contrasts of the new fabric patterns, rugs, and wallpaper. Venini chandeliers, references from the 1960s and 70s are combined with a twist of landscape painting inspirations.

Intermissioni, Dimorestudio

Intermissioni, Dimorestudio – Photo: courtesy of Dimorestudio.

Formafantasma designed a site-specific installation for Lexus Design Award. The designers reinterpreted 2016 theme Anticipation embedding elements related to the company’s production that will be fundamental for the future: evolution, sustainable technology, mobility and fusion of machine and craftsmanship. Via Tortona 32 – Watch the video.

On its 50th anniversaty, irreverent Italian brand Gufram presents several installation across the city. From 10 Corso Como to Paul Smith store in Via Manzoni 30. Here, the company teamed with the Biritish designer to realize psychedelich limited editions of their iconic cactus-coat hanger. Setting by Esther Burton – Make Up per gli Spazi.

Gufran & Paul Smith - Photo ©Antinori.

Gufran & Paul Smith – Photo ©Antinori.