Bronzification, Francesco Faccin at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia.

Bronzification, Francesco Faccin at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia.

Milan 2016 – Every year, Milan Design Week floods the streets wth every sort of furniture at the point that it easier to rest on designers’ sofas then public benches. With over 1.200 parties, exhibitions and installations, design overdose is just around the corner. We picked 10 quirky events that allow to explore uncommon paths…

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Macao DAD

Macao – Photo by Dirty Art Department (Instagram @DirtyArtDepartment).

MACAO (Via Molise 60, until April 17) The Dirty Art Department of Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam colonises an indie centre for arts, culture and research. Macao was founded by Milan activists’ who initially occupied a former slaughterhouse. Here D.A.D. propose a rich program of workshops, talks, installations, cooking shows and dj-sets.

BRONZIFICATION at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (April 10-18, h.10.00-17.00, M5 Cenisio). Framed in a lost-wax-casting bronze foundry, the exhibition features the work of Francesco Faccin. The designer started from a humble wooden plank to create a mould from wich he created a modular bronze unit that could compose infinite designs.

Bronzification, Francesco Faccin at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia.

Bronzification, Francesco Faccin at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia.

FAILURES, at Cascina Cuccagna (Via Cuccagna ang Muratori, April 12-18 h. 11-00-21.00 – M3 Porta Romana) Set in a stunning farm-house and creative green hub, the exhibition showcases great stories of unique pieces that never made it out to the factory. On show a selection of unique designs and prototypes by Mendini, Sapper, Sottsass and Zanuso together with other failures by contemporary creatives. During the week Cascina Cuccagna hosts a program of events, talks and djset.

Cascina Cuccagna

Cascina Cuccagna.

ONE OFF (via Varese 12, April 12-17 h. 10.30-19.30 – M2 Moscova) In a hidden cloister two stones away from buzzy via Palermo, H+ transformed a blooming garden into an exhibiton of bespoke designs by Italian architects, designers and makers. From Gruppo C14 caress-sensible lighting to notebooks made of paper recycled from sicilian markets. Joyful cocktail on tuesday 12 from 7 pm.

One Off - Table-stairs by Leftover

One Off – Table-stairs by Leftover.

ARCHITECTURE AS ART at Hangar Bicocca (Via Chiese 2, April 12-17 h. 10.00-22.00) Fourteen renown studios including Atelier BowWow, Miguel Desvigne, Rural Studio and Studio Mumbai created artistic installations that point out the real responsibilites of architecture. The exhibition is also part of Milan XXI Triennial od Design and Architecture and will be open until the 12th of September.

Hangar Bicocca: Art as Architecture.

Hangar Bicocca: Art as Architecture.

“Would we see our toothbrush differently knowing that it records each movement in my mouth and therefore displays a form of consciousness?“. We are quite intrigued by ECAL‘s exhibition When Objects Dream (Via dell’Orso 16, April 12-17 h. 11.00-20.00 – M2 Lambrate). The Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne focused on how we personally react and feel when we deal with internet of things objects.

ECAL: When Objects Dream

ECAL: When Objects Dream.

DESIGN PARADE (April 13, h.19.30 from Piazza Cadorna corner Minghetti to Piazza Affari). Irreverent Italian design brand Seletti will organise a carnival passing through the city centre. Designers, brands and djs will march together and gather in front of the austere architecture of Milan stock-exchange. From 9pm to midnight an open air party will make buzz in Piazza Affari under the iconic and desecrating sculpure by Maurizio Cattelan: a giant fist sticking up the middle finger.

Seletti: Design Parade

Seletti: Design Parade.

SWITCH ON at Biblioteca Umanistica dell’Incoronata (Corso Garibaldi 112, April 12-17 11.00-22.00 – M2 Moscova). Was our idea of technology and future shaped by our kitchenware? From the mechanical nutcracker to the high-tech fridge but also the metamorphosis of the the vacuum cleaner that started as a heavy carpet steamer and become a the first “self-driving car” in history. A small yet unexpecetd exhibition that offers also a chance to sneak a peek into the hidden courtyards behind the church.

Switch On exhibition

Switch On exhibition.

ALAMAK! DESIGN IN ASIA (La Triennale, Via Alemagna 6, April 12-17 h. 10.30-20.30 M1 M2 Cadorna). If you say Alamak! in the Far East you mean Oh my god!, an expression of surprise when we bump into something unexpeceted that mesmerises us. The exhibition brings together 12 top design talents from Asia to make us re-think our perception of what is ‘Design in Asia’.

ALAMAK! DESIGN IN ASIA - Cabinet by Naihan Li.

ALAMAK! DESIGN IN ASIA – Cabinet by Naihan Li.

WAIT AND SEE (Via Santa Marta 14, April 13 h.18.00-23.00) Funkytable with a bunch of local ladies fond of knitting, stitching and sawing will set up a party with djset in a hidden courtyard in the alleys of the city centre. A fancy yet informal occasion to merge into one of Fuorisalone trendiest white nights and taste Aperitivo Rosato floral cocktails by Ramazzotti, Milan iconic beverage brand.

Wait and See

Wait and See – Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato.