LINDO GATITO by Egle Zvirblyte x Sancal - Photo by Sancal.

2022 Year of the Tiger. LINDO GATITO by Egle Zvirblyte x Sancal – Photo by Sancal.

Design2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger. We selected 6 quirky designs by Moooi, Sancal and even real tigers, all inspired by the iconic – yet endangered – animal.

Fashion, designed by tigers

Tiger, lions and bears living at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan, contributed to designing a denim fashion collection. The animals were given car tires, balls and toys wrapped in denim to bite, scratch and tear apart. The textiles were then sewn together from the semi-eaten pieces to create unique legwear. The garments were auctioned with the proceeds donated to the Kamine Zoo’s efforts to preserve the environment for the animals, as well as the World Wildlife Fund.

The Tiger Penis Project

The Tiger Penis Project by Kuang-Yi Ku - Photo by Ronald Smits

Photo by Ronald Smits.

The huge demand for wild animals in traditional Chinese medicine poses a real threat to endangered species, such as the use of tiger penis to increase virility. From here, Kuang-Yi Ku used emerging biotechnologies with The Tiger Penis Project. The designer created artificial animal parts for Chinese Medicine to save feline lives.

Tiger lamp by Moooi

GRWOWW Pet Light by Marcel Wanders studio x Moooi - Photo by Moooi.

Photo by Moooi.

Marcel Wanders studio expands the Pet Lights collection for the Dutch design brand Moooi with Grwoww, a sweet tiger-shaped table lamp. Gold-plated ceramic details bring the collection to life, accessorising them with precious jewels that complement their frosted glass features.

The Golden Tiger Wallcovering


Photo by Moooi.

The company has also launched the Memento Moooi Wallcovering Collection featuring Golden Tigers and four other extinct animals “remembered for their unique kindness and love for life.” The Golden Tiger Wallcovering is made from laser-cut wood veneer with gold foil and depicts this friendly beast surrounded by his best friends.

Tiger Musical Jewelry Box

THE ENDANGERED by Trigger Design - Photo courtesy of Bene Tan of Cause & Effect studio.

Photo by Bene Tan of Cause & Effect studio.

The Endangered is a musical jewelry box collection by Chan Wai Lim of Singapore-based Trigger Design studio. A tiger and three other endangered animals are visualised with unique scents that engage users’ personal emotions and memories. Half function, half sculpture, the functional pieces use slightly abstracted forms and distinctive features of each animal.

Stripey wild hugs

LINDO GATITO by Egle Zvirblyte x Sancal - Photo by Sancal.

Photo by Sancal.

Spanish design brand Sancal proposes Lindo Gatito, a cozy soft padded blanket illustrated by Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte and designed to fulfill a very special function: decorate with art, humour and colour. Lindo Gatito could be used as a cushion, a throw or a blanket for harmless wild hugs.