Triennale - Photo by Bruno Cordioli Flickr CC.

Triennale – Photo by Bruno Cordioli Flickr CC.

Triennale 2016 – After 20 years from the previous edition, Milan Triennale presented XX1T the 21st Triennial of Architecture and Design with the promise to become regular again. The 5-months long program comprising 20 exhibitions, concerts, events and international guests will take over 12 cultural epicentres of Milan, including also a portion of Milan Expo de-construction site.

XX1T logo by Sergio Camuffo.

XX1T logo by Sergio Camuffo.

Themed 21st Century, Design after Design the triennial “aims to decode the new millennium and make reflect on new perspectives for the future to come” said Claudio de Albertis, president of Triennale. “For DESIGN we intended creativity. The word AFTER can suggests the idea of change as well as the concept “nevertheless” that refers to a way of thinking-ahead despite the past“.

Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara curate Neo Preistoria – 100 verbs, an exhibition focused on 100 actions and tools that shaped the history of humanity. Silvana Annicchiarico, curator of Triennale Design Museum, presented TDM9 W – Women in Italian Design underlining that it won’t be about compensation but rather a gender rebalance free of feminist fuss.

Milan Triennale in 1933 - Photo by Triennale.

Milan Triennale in 1933 – Photo by Triennale.

2016 seems to be quite a busy year for architecture and design periodic exhibitions. Inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial ended at the beginning of January doubling the visitors of Venice Biennale. The upcoming edition will open on the 28th of May and will be curated by Pritzker prize winner Alejandro Aravena. Milan XXI Triennial will take over the city from the 2nd of April to the 12th of September… Almost passing the torch to the 4th Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa (6th of October – 11th of December).

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Rialto bridge in Venice and Chicago bridge - Photos by Adry and Daniel X O'Neil, Flickr CC.

Rialto bridge in Venice and Chicago bridge – Photos by Adry and Daniel X O’Neil, Flickr CC.

At the XX1T press conference Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara presented the exhibition Neo Preistoria – 100 verbs. “We analysed the XI century as a century of design without a design. A century without a strategy. A path leading to an oscure direction: Digital Era” said Branzi.

Today we can’t foresee clearly what’s ahead, that’s why we live in a Neo Preistoria” Kenya Hara added “The history of humanity is the history of the tools that helped us to satisfy our needs and desires. We selected 100 verbs and their related tools that made us evolve. On show you will see objects like Stone Age spears but also Digital Age contemporary tools”.

Entrance TDM8 - Photo by Jean Pierre Dalbera, Flickr CC.

Entrance TDM8 – Photo by Jean Pierre Dalbera, Flickr CC.

TDM9 – the 9th edition of Triennale Design Museum is focused on a gender issue. “Gender is not only a biologic definition but a cultural matter. The exhibition Women in Italian Design highlights ways of working and the projects of the most influential women that made way to nowadays contemporary professionals, attitudes and projects” said Silvana Annicchiarico, curator of TDM9.

The exhibition will features 600 designs of over 350 women. “The XX century was sexist and patriarchal. Only few women became successful, but today they are relevant contributors to design innovation not only in quantity but also in the quality of the project. This exhibition doesn’t want to compensate, no female quotas of feminist fuss. Women in Italian Design pays tribute to highlight the creativity and the carefulness of female design professionals, their impredictable and magmatic attitude, and their positive vision”.

Gae Aulenti exhibition at Triennale - Photo by Fabrizio Marchesi.

Gae Aulenti exhibition at Triennale – Photo by Fabrizio Marchesi.

XX1T, 21 Milan Triennial will colonise also other cultural epicentres of the city including Hangar Bicocca with an exhibition about the link between art and architecture. With NEW CRAFT Fabbrica del Vapore will  focus on the new frontiers of digital manufacturing and will also showcase an atelier that will 3-D print cars responding to Fordist production chain models.

MUDEC, Museum of cultures will host Sempering an exhibition on the archetypes of architecture process.“Sempering is a verb coined from German architect and essayst Gottfried Semper who catalogued architecture according to actions and processes. We selected 8 basic actions that give shape to different architectural models of the XXI century: stacking, folding, weaving, mooulding, connecting, blowing, engraving and tiling” said curators Cino Zucchi andf Luisa Collina.

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Pierluigi Nicolin presented the City after the City group of exhibitions at the Expo de-construction site. After the closing of the succesful World Fair in october 2015, the future of the whole exhibition site is still unclear and almost all national pavilions are being demolished with just few exceptions.

With City after the City we wanted to analyse the concept of overpassing contemporary models of architecture and urban planning. We focused on new ways to rethink the future of XXI century cities with several exhibitions on urban gardening, migratory flows, expanded urbanization, street art and more” said Nicolin.

XX1T logo by Sergio Camuffo.

XX1T logo by Sergio Camuffo.

XX1T, 21st Milan Triennale is promoted by BIE, Bureau International des Expositions, Italian government, the City of Milan and Lombardy Region but also local chambers of commerce.