Towers and landmark architecture won’t be a metropolis prerogative anymore. In june 2013 the breathtaking panorama of Carinthia, Austria, will guest Pyramidenkogel, the highest wooden tower in the world.

Pyramidenkogel is a vertical spyral-sculpture that tags the sky, a tower that reaches a new frontier in sustainable architecture, a visionary wooden reality that overlooks and matches perfectly the amazing mountain skyline provided by Nature. Creating a 100 m high project, the Klagenfurt based architecture studio Klaura, Kaden + Partners, took  the challenge of Rubner Holzbau, European leading player for large timber building constructions.

Rubner Holzbau 2

The project includes also the Skybox lift that flies  60 m high whilst the longest European slide (50 m) brings the guests back to the ground floor… on a mountain top, of course.

© Photo: Rubner Holzbau