Image by We Design Beirut.

Image by We Design Beirut.

DesignWe Design Beirut, the Lebanese capital’s design week, has been postponed to March 4-7, 2024, in the wake of the Israel-Gaza conflict. “We also cannot consider celebrating our city at such a dark moment in time, when so many lives have been taken in such a brutal and unjust way on all sides,” Wehbe told Dezeen.


On Saturday morning, militants of Hamas, a terroristic organisation ruling over the Palestinian territory of Gaza, invaded Israel to brutally murder, rape and kidnap villagers in southern Israel. The massacre also included the beheading of 40 innocent children. The attack triggered a strong military response from the Israel Defense Force and a total siege of Gaza City. So far, 1,300 Israelis and 1,300 Palestinians  – terrorists and civilians – have been killed.

The violence also spilt over the border into Lebanon on Monday, with deadly clashes reported between Israeli forces and the Lebanese anti-semitic militant group Hezbollah, supported by Iran.


After five years of silence, We Design Beirut aimed to finally shine a light on the Lebanese vibrant and resilient creative scene after the cancellation of Beirut Design Week in 2019 due to the severe economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. The multidisciplinary annual event’s rich program included exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops in the fields of interior design, architecture, furniture, product design, functional art, ceramics, home accessories and rugs.

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Our values and moral responsibility cannot allow us to celebrate in such dark times in history. Yet, we never despair as we have faith, and we have love, and we have determination. Hard work is never lost.” Co-founders Mariana Wehbe & Samer Al Ameen said in a statement.

Beirut explosion 2020

Beirut’s massive explosion in 2020 – Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons. Read more.