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Ces 2018 – At the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s most influential fair of high-tech products in Las Vegas, event retro train boards with mechanical split-flap have got a second life. The some-how poetic Vestaboard displays tune in real time with hundreds of mobile-services allowing you to send messages, get updates, or show patterns and colors.

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The design tunes with hundreds of apps and services such as Twitter, Google Calendar and SMS. “As you look to the future you get to decide what you want to hold on to. With Vestaboard, you can connect with what matters.”

Vestaboard - Home

Each screen measures 94×53 cm and shows up to 161 characters on a 23×7 grid with each sign offering 70 characters including letters, numbers, punctuation marks and 8 different colours. Vestaborad works with both iOS and Android.

Vestaboard - Home

At home it can work as a friendly message board for your family or help guests find a way as well as providing art, inspiration and organization, all in a single frame. Vestaborad can work also as a practical tool to communicate with your team when you are not in the office or to keep track of working schedules.

Vestaboard - Office

In a bar it can it can be useful to communicate with your guests in real time displaying daily specials or to inspire the customers. All of this with that familiar mechanical sound when the display chance letters. 

Vestaboard - Bar

Vestaboard team is up to develop trade programs open to architects, interior designers and other design professionals as well.

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Vestaboard - Home