Vera & Kyte - Salone 2014

Young Norwegian duo composed by Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte took part at Norwegian by Nature the exhibition curated by Metropolis magazine editor Paul Mavkovsky during New York furniture fair ICFF 2014. Mavkovsky has been visiting Norway scouting for young talents whose creating works emphatise sustainability functionality e simplicity of volumes and shapes. –

Vera & Kyte - Apparel

The warm feel of laquered steel meets the strict and smooth geometry of the APPAREL wardrobe and kindly invites to keep things in order. Its open grids act as an elegant room divider whilst inviting you to neatly hang and fold your clothes. In the large circular mirror functionality and aesthetic reflect each other defining a bold character.

Vera & Kyte - Balcony - back

BALCONY daybed is inspired by the leisurely feel of time spent on a sunny balcony. Observing your surroundings, reading a book or contemplating whilst letting a little time drift by. The project embodies this leisurely time, in form and function, inviting you to a self indulgent pause.

Vera & Kyte - Topiary lamps

The TOPIARY lamps blend simplicity in form and function with lacquered steel. A stand, a bulb and a rotating reflector are neatly assembled together in order to provide direct and indirect light. Their clean cut precision gives them a papery almost two dimentional character. When placed together they create a poetic landscape of light reflecting upon our percetpion of depth and space.

Vera & Kyte - Pedestal tables

The innovative combination of granite a lacquered steel characterize the strong individuality of PEDESTAL tables. The contrast in colour and form is balanced by the uniformity of materials. Brightly lacquered steel frames lift the polished stone tabletops to serve as a pedestal for your favourite belongings.

Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte  says “Our design studio is always seeking new impressions, eager to discover the trigger for our next idea. This curious approach leads us to constantly explore new materials and aesthetics in all our projects ranging from objects to spatial design. Applying an analytical approach we seek to transform our curiosity into products that will engage you”.

Vera & Kyte - Pedestal tables closeup

Photos by – Courtesy of Vera & Kyte,