YOU ARE FIRED by Edel Rodriguez

US 2020 Elections results according to illustrators. YOU ARE FIRED by Edel Rodriguez.

US 2020 Elections – Joe Biden is the US president elect, even if Trump won’t concede. Meanwhile, across the globe, illustrators graphically commented on the US 2020 elections results with clever and sharp designs… We picked the most daring ones.


Illustration by Catherine Pao.

Free speech is not enough; we need free, wise, and kind speech” writes Catherine Pao on her Instagram profile. Catherine drew a US map with two halves of the country hugging each other in an act of togetherness going beyond the divisive imprint of the elections’ campaigns. “Indeed, being nice does not mean to to be polite, tolerant or politically correct,” says the illustrator to Archipanic. “It just means being welcoming and understanding to get over divisions.”


Illustration by I. Mastroserio.

Inspired by Magritte’s iconic painting Ceci n’est plus a pipeThis is not a pipe in French -, I. Mastroserio drew the ‘Ceci n’est plus un president’ graphic design which means ‘this is not a President anymore’ and features the incumbent President’s infamous blond tuft as a Nike-like swoosh.

Illustration by Christoph Niemann x The New Yorker - ©The New Yorker.

Illustration by Christoph Niemann x The New Yorker – ©The New Yorker.

From president to inmate. On The New Yorker, Christoph Niemann portraits Trump’s risky future. “The President has survived one impeachment, twenty-six accusations of sexual misconduct, and an estimated four thousand lawsuits. That run of good luck may well end, perhaps brutally, if Joe Biden wins.” Writes Jane Mayer on the New Yorker.

#TRUMPOUT by Gargalo

Illustration by Gargalo.

On Instagram, #Gargalo depicted the Statue of Liberty getting rid of Donald Trump by shooting him away by using a face mask as a sling shot. On Instagram illustrator @fran_pulido pictured the transition from Trump to Biden set in a hair saloon.

Illustration via Instagram by @fran_pulido

Illustration via Instagram by @fran_pulido.

In a post titled Undoing the great mistake of 2016 published over a year ago the Los Angeles Time featured a design by John W. Tomac forecasting a graphic portrait of Trump being erased.

Illustration by John W. Tomac x LA Times - ©LA Times

Illustration by John W. Tomac x LA Times – ©LA Times.

Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez posted an illustration of Trump standing on a crumbling clifftop with a bold black text reading YOU’RE FIRED in reference to Trump’s catchphrase when he hosted the television reality show The Apprentice.

YOU ARE FIRED by Edel Rodriguez

Illustration by Edel Rodriguez.