Undici Inox freestanding by Benedini Associati x Agape - Photo by Agape.

Undici Inox freestanding by Benedini Associati x Agape – Photos by Agape.

DESIGN BOX – A sculptural piece in its essentiality, the new freestanding basin accentuates the geometric character of the Undici Inox collection by Agape. The basin, with a clean, rounded shape in stainless steel or brushed brass, engages via a simple connector on the painted metal column. The junction element to the floor is also minimal in a lean and practical architectural composition.

Undici Inox freestanding by Benedini Associati x Agape - Photo by Agape.

Increasingly, storage furniture is moving into adjacent spaces, such as the bedroom. The washstand can then focus on its specific function, becoming lighter and simpler.” Says Paolo Benedini, head of Benedini Associati.

The inside of the bowl keeps the steel or brushed brass finish, while the outside is painted in the same shade as the collar and column. The sophisticated color palette includes pink, green, purple, orange, and black, and customization with RAL colors is also provided.

Undici Inox freestanding by Benedini Associati x Agape - Photo by Agape.

Agape has been synonymous with design culture for 50 years. The brand, founded by the Benedini family, offers hundreds of products that meet every functional need in the bathroom. Washbasins, faucets, furniture, bathtubs, lights, and accessories designed by masters of contemporary design and architecture. Agape is international by nature and has deep ties to Mantua, the Renaissance city and extraordinary architectural workshop where its headquarters are located.

Founded in 1999, Benedini Associati primarily handles the interior design aspects of Benedini & Partners projects and applied design for technical products or furnishings in many sectors. The studio has received awards, including the German Design Plus, the ADI Design Index, and the Chicago Atheneum’s Good Design prize.

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