THONET All Seasons - Courtesy of Thonet.

Thonet All Seasons – Courtesy of Thonet.

IMM Cologne 2016 – Timeless design live a new spring – and summer, autumn and winter as well. German furniture brand Thonet launches Thonet All Seasons, a collection of steel classics designed by Bauhaus masters in the 1920s. Thanks to special technology, the new designs are weather-proof  and come in new colours in order to match interior and exterior solutions.

THONET All Seasons

Thonet All Seasons includes S 33 and S 34 cantilever chairs by Mart Stam, the B 9 side table and the S 35 lounge chair by Marcel Breuer, plus the S 533 cantilever chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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THONET All Seasons: S 533.

S 533 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

We are a 200 year old company. Everything started with the bent-wood furniture and the iconic Vienna cafè chair. Then, in the 20s, Bauhaus masters came to us to ask if they managed to bend steel as if it were wood” says Thonet CEO Thorsten Muck.

THONET All Seasons

Almost 100 years later, the Thonet All Seasons collection blends the past and the present. The new series creates a connection between the familiar and the fresh, between iconic designs and contemporary technology.

THONET All Seasons S 33.

S 33, design by Mart Stan.

Equipped with a tested ThonetProtect® surface, which is as UV resistant as the mesh for the seats and backrests, the new models propose an enduring beauty – whether in a stylish interior, a sunny garden, a patio in a rainshower or a heated terrace or courtyard.

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THONET All Seasons S 34.

S 34, design by Mart Stan.

The colour selection ranging yellow to azure, from red to light green and comprises also seven distinctive hues and is informed by the Bauhaus colour theory. The twelve new nuances for the mesh upholstery further enhance the multitude of possible chromatic variations.

THONET All Seasons S 35.

S 35, design by Marcel Breuer.

The collection includes cushions and covers in matching colours and with a specially coated outdoor fabric and special filling, that allow outdoors use as well. Thonet All Seasons tables feature and an exposed concrete in light and dark grey or solid-core laminate.

"All seasons" table B 9 by Marcel Breuer.

B 9 by Marcel Breuer.

The production process starts from a 7-metre long tube that is polished, cut and bent by a machine especially designed for Thonet. Each automatic step is always controlled by a professional that makes sure that the final design is perfectly made.

THONET All Seasons

Photos: courtesy of Thonet.

THONET All Seasons S 35.

S 35, design by Marcel Breuer.