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The “Made” exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 displays 14 selected textile-furniture projects created by the students of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. All “The New Textile Furniture” experiment with the opportunities of the textile material, some are based on the anatomy of the human body whilst others explore the limits of the definition of textile. made-kadk.com – www.stockholmfurniturelightfair.se

pin sofa

The Pin sofa by Demeter Foragasi, sponsor by Kvadrat. “Walking through the classroom with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, I discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the needle pillows. This was my very first impression – I told myself this was so inspiring that I should be working with it. My main idea was to have a playful concept, what refers to the inner child in every one of us. Enlarged object by themselves generate the feeling of being little as children. With the enlarged needles I am relating to textile techniques in an abstract way”.


Sirius by Morten Husum Nielsen . “It is not obvious that my chair is ”The New Textile Furniture”, but the only thing that really keeps the chair together is the many lashings made ​​of braided cord. In the process of creating this chair, i have studied ancient eskimo methods of how to lash dog sleds together. I want to renew this ancient method in a way that it is possible to experience the special characteristics the method contains”.


Tiles by Jonas Sondergaard Nielsen, sponsored by Kvadrat, K.Balling-Engelsen a/s. “Tiles is a new way of thinking shell furniture. Every piece is hinged by a strong fabric on the backside; witch gives the chair its unique flexibility. My goal was to focus on the movement that happen when you sit and lean back into the shape. My design allows the chair to form itself around you”.


Monulit by Adam Mathias Hermansen, sponsored by Gabriel, K.balling-Engelsen a/s. “Monulit is a sculpture you can sit on. Lean on. Build. A changeable piece of furniture, made to create curiosity for the user. Because of its modular system you can combine and sculpt the furniture yourself. In that way the furniture will always have a new shape to be experienced. You can also combine 2 or 3 or more Monulit’s: Add them sideways and you will have a bench. Build them on top of each other and you will have a pillar to lean against. Making the familiar unfamiliar”.


Flesh by Nanna Kiil, sponsored by BPI. “The furniture is made from the concept “less is a bore” by using foam as the main upholstery. The intention is to explore the balance between the repulsive and the accommodating through voluminous curves. The shaping reflects undesirable human overweight as an aesthetics impetus, combined with a pleasant appearance in bright and soft materials that leads the user to be embraced by comfortable volumes”.
textile furniture 2
Photo Courtesy of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design