The Siamese Blossom project by Somdoon Architects is rising on Raminthra Road, a suburb on the north of Bangkok and it has recently word the “Future Projects Residential” award at 2013 World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

Siamese Blossom’s scheme aims to ease the life of residents by creating a continuum between private living space and public greenery and by fixing the common problems of townhouses: lack of natural ventilation and a lack of natural light found in a long and narrow plot.

The buildings are arranged to allow the narrow elevations facing East and West to gain minimum heat from the sun. In contrast the long elevations entail openings facing the North and South to get natural ventilation. They become perpendicular with the main public road in the centre of the development.  Plants walls and fences along the main public road provide security and control before accessing to the townhouses, whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

The townhouses are systematically designed to be 12m apart. The space in between becomes a shared garden and a key space for natural cross-ventilation between the two rows. In this respect the gardens become a community space as they are only accessible by the immediate townhouses.

The units are increased the variation and created better identity for each unit by either mirroring units or increasing the 3rd floor height on random units. These taller units are highlighted by the red brick coloured façade leaving all other units coloured grey. The brick screens are the primary element of the townhouse façade.  It is an inexpensive and common material in Thailand.  Therefore it has a low carbon footprint and is better suited for the skills of the local construction labour. The brick screens have various functions such as acting as privacy screens, providing sun shading and covering of air-condensing units and downpipes.

Somdoom Architects is a Bangkok based studio with expertise in creating design of high standard living conditions, responses to residents’ life style and achieve inspiring architecture, from low rise private residences to high rise housing projects.

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