NOMAD SaintMoritz2020. Carsten Höller for Massimo de Carlo. Photo: courtesy of NOMAD.

NOMAD SaintMoritz2020. Carsten Höller x Massimo de Carlo @ NOMAD – All photos: courtesy of NOMAD.

SaintMoritz2020 – For the third time, NOMAD the traveling exhibition for collectible design and contemporary art, settles in Saint Moritz, a fairytale destination better known for high society skiing, picturesque landscapes and a buzzy social scene. Some of the leading design collectibles gallery took over the Chiesa Planta residence showcasing stunning exhibitions.

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Thomsen Gallery @ NOMAD SaintMoritz2020 - Photo: courtesy of NOMAD.

Thomsen Gallery @ NOMAD.

Amongst the highlights of NOMAD SaintMoritz2020 are the Bestiaire d’Amour by George Hornemann, Carsten Höller’s iconic mushrooms for Massimo de Carlo and collectibles presented for the Copenhagen-based gallery Etage Project.

Luisa delle Piane exhibition @ SaintMoritz2020 - Photo: courtesy of NOMAD.

Luisa delle Piane exhibition @ NOMAD.

NOMAD SaintMoritz2020 features exhibitions by Angela Weber Möbel in Zurich, Switzerland, Athr Gallery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Carwan Gallery in Athens, Greece, Etage Projects in Copenhagen, Denmark, Thomsen Gallery in New York, US, Galerie Andrea Caratsch in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Galleri Format in Oslo, Norway, Galleria Luisa Delle Piane, Galleria Rossella Colombari and Officine Saffi in Milan, Italy, Giustini Stagetti and Magazzino in Rome, Italy, Maniera in Brussels, Belgium, Massimo de Carlo in Hong Kong, London and Milan, Mercado Moderno in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Musegallery in Monaco and The Gallery of Everything in London, UK.

Etage Projects @ NOMADstmoritz2020- Photo: courtesy of NOMAD.

Etage Projects @ NOMAD.

Conceived by Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, two leading voices in the design and luxury sectors, NOMAD is designed for collectors, iterior designers, architects and art and design professionals.

Intimate and radically new in context, the event rethinks how work is presented to create an event that is bespoke. Following its successful debut appearance in Monaco in April 2017, NOMAD travels to different destinations of architectural significance to stage innovative showcases that explore the dialogue between design, art and context.

Bestiaire dAmour by George Hornemann @ NOMAD - Photo: courtesy of NOMAD.

Bestiaire dAmour by George Hornemann @ NOMAD.

All photos: courtesy of NOMAD.

Draga & Auriel @ NOMAD Saint Moritz 2020 - Photo courtesy of NOMAD

Draga & Auriel @ NOMADSaintMoritz2020 – All photos: courtesy of NOMAD.

Established & Sons @ NOMAD Saint Moritz 2020 - Photo courtesy of NOMAD

Established & Sons @ NOMAD Saint Moritz 2020.