With a decade long experience of manufacturing and installing designer concrete, IVANKA presents revolutionary rainwater management system made with a special concrete developed by the Budapest based studio. Rainhouse – The Water of Life collects and turns rainwater into the highest quality drinking water. www.ivanka.huwww.drinkrain.com


The complex rainwater management system is based on IVANKA’s material innovation: a bio-concrete which has a pH neutral orientation and bio-compatible influences on the water. This specific technology allows filtering raw rain only physically in a strictly natural way without chemicals so the equipment can produce the highest quality, sun-distilled drinking water.

IVANKA Rainhouse 01

Katalin and Andras Ivanka, founders of the studio say: “Rain is the initial, the most important and purest, renewable source of the freshwater cycle – a much better choice than any other source such as lakes, rivers or mineral waters from underground”.

IVANKA Rainhouse 03

“Our technology we are working on represents a high ethical value as it turns rain into the highest quality drinking water in a pure and natural way of processing. It will provide access to affordable clean water for small and big scale users, from families to big companies, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint in the process”.


Photo: Courtesy of IVANKA – www.ivanka.huwww.drinkrain.com

IVANKA Rainhouse 06