+Pool, the world’s first floating&filtering river-pool project, reached and important benchmark by launching a floating lab on the Hudson River that will work as a visual tool and will provide simple access to data allowing the general public and the City of New York to stay educated on the quality of New York’s rivers in a fun way. www.pluspool.org

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+POOL’s Float Lab is now up and running, and collecting some of the most extensive data New York City has ever seen on water quality. Co-founder Dong-Ping Wong says “+ POOL will incrementally remove bacteria and contaminants. It will ensure clean, swimmable water that meets the city and state’s standards. It will clean over 500,000 gallons of river water every day.” Every 15 minutes the Float Lab conducts a test combination with an instrument called “Sonde” (made by YSI), which collects eight essential water quality parameters which combines testing for fecal coliform at River Project to determine swimmability. All the data will be on line on a dashboard built in collaboration with the developers of Google Drive’s API



When asked about the details of the how the dashboard works, designers and founders, Dong-Ping Wong, Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeff Franklin respond “The dashboard proved we could use existing free tools, like Google Drive API, to transform a complex set of data into a playful and simple experience. The system compiles all the information being collected by the + Pool’s sensors in the water and consolidates it into a spreadsheet which is then published to the web using information visualization templates”.

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+Pool Float Lab testing

“+POOL is a like a giant strainer that will make it possible for everyone to swim in a clean river for the first time in 100 years,” said Archie Lee Coates, co-founder of + POOL. “It started as a simple idea amongst friends and has turned into two successful Kickstarter campaigns. The recent Tile by Tile campaign divided the pool into parts using tiles as measurements, so everybody can claim a piece of the pool for themselves—if all 70,000 tiles are sold, the entire construction budget of + POOL will be funded by the public”.

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+Pool on Hudson river

The project achieve multiple successes on Kickstarter crowd funding platform. “Friends of +Pool are people who have come together and rallied around a creative idea – and that’s what Kickstarter is all about. We know the creative process doesn’t end when a project reaches its funding goal, and there’s plenty more work to be done on +Pool – but we’re proud and excited to support the founders at this step in their journey, and we look forward to seeing what’s next.” Commented Yancey Strickler, the CEO of Kickstarter.

Plus POOL (+POOL) is a non-profit organization set to build the world’s first water- filtering, floating pool in New York. Since + POOL’s designers and founders, Dong-Ping Wong, Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeff Franklin, launched their first Kickstarter campaign in 2011, the + POOL project has become a new model for funding large-scale civic projects worldwide. The deck, walls and floor of + POOL will be made of 70,000 pool tiles. + POOL is scheduled for an opening in Spring of 2016. www.pluspool.org

The Dashboard

+Pool digital Dashboard

Photos and Credits: courtesy of +Pool