DesignMiami 2022 Fair Exterior - Photo by James Harris.

DesignMiami 2022 Fair exterior – All photos by James Harris, courtesy of DesignMiami.

DesignDesinMiami 2022 featured over 50 galleries and Curio exhibitions alongside an exciting lineup of partnerships and collaborations. Back to Pride Park, the fair’s main theme, The Golden Age, focuses on how bygone mythical eras of abundance can inspire us to imagine and create a better future.

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DesignMiami 2022 Fair Interior - Photo by James Harris.

Fair interior.

This year’s edition has seen increased demand across a spectrum of collectible design works, inclusive of historical pieces and more contemporary objects.” Said Design Miami CEO Jen Roberts. “Design Miami operates at the intersection of global design, fashion, art, and technology, and the 18th edition has been a true expression of this convergence.”

Christopher Kurtz’s hand-carved Tulipwood cabinet @ Sarah Myerscough Gallery at DesignMiami 2022 - Photo by James Harris.

Christopher Kurtz’s hand-carved Tulipwood cabinet @ Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

This year’s Best Gallery award was tied between Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London, and Magen H Gallery, New York. Sarah Myerscough Gallery represents highly-skilled international artist-designer-makers whose practices are grounded in craft-making traditions [Read more].

Since 1997, Magen H Gallery has pioneered revolutionary and significant design in sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, and ceramics, with special emphasis on French post-war designers.

Magen H Gallery at DesignMiami 2022 - Photo by James Harris.

Magen H Gallery.

This year saw the Best Curio award tied between Stroll Garden (Los Angeles) and Tuleste Factory, New York. Tuleste Factory presented a booth exploring the color blue [Read more].

Stroll Garden presented new, specially commissioned works by Los Angeles-based artist Lily Clark. A collection of elegant, architectural fountains and ceramic bird baths exploring elemental forces of water and light were on view, alongside stones sourced from a quarry outside Palm Springs, carving a path for viewers to walk through.

Stroll Garden Curio at Design Miami 2022 - Photo by James Harris.

Lily Clark @ Stroll Garden Curio.

Many partnerships and collaborations. Bottega Veneta teamed up with Gaetano Pesce, and Audi presented a phygital installation by Andrés Reisinger. FENDI presented Triclinium, a fascinating group of furniture pieces by the Austrian artist Lukas Gschwandtner.

FENDI presents Triclinium by Lukas Gschwandtner at DesignMiami 2022 - Photo by James Harris.

FENDI presents Triclinium by Lukas Gschwandtner at DesignMiami 2022.

All photos by James Harris – Courtesy of DesignMiami 2022.

Ateliers Courbet at DesignMiami 2022 - Photo by James Harris.

Ateliers Courbet.