Parisian dance school Aurélie-Dupont by Lankry Architectes - Photos: courtesy of Lankry Architectes.

Parisian dance school Aurélie-Dupont by Lankry Architectes – Photos by © Julien Lanoo, courtesy of Lankry Architectes.

Lankry Architectes designed a Parisian dance school showing how cultural re-qualification can contribute to urban identification. The four storeys-high building is wedged between the eterogeneous streetscape of a buzzy neighborhood. The project is enveloped by a perforated faceted metal cladding that allows natural light to flood the dance studios.


The Aurélie-Dupont dance school is squeezed between an historical and a more recent construction. The buildings face the noisy and trafficky Avenue du General Gallieni in lower Joinville, a growing district that is becoming more and more vibrant.


Lankry Architectes worked on a design that could fit into the buzzy spirit of the neighbourhood but that could also stand out from the architectural mash-up of styles and provide space for a new cultural venue.

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Aurélie-DuPont dance school in encased slightly back from the street in order to create a small courtyard that extends the public space.


A  perforated metal veil forming a regular diamond pattern envelopes the facade of the building. Designed like a delicate lace woven by a goldsmith, the veil works like Arabic intricate panels that filters light and protects without altering the view.


The structure consists of lateral concrete walls which carry wide open floorplates, naturally lit and with an uninterrupted view over the horizon.


Lankry Architectes managed to combine flow circulation and solar orientation. Dance studios benefit from an optimal natural lighting from the north while the vertical circulations overlooking the avenue Gallieni, receive southern light that projects long shadows.


Minimalist interiors and raw materials such as varnished concrete, metal, contrasts with the precision of the outer shell of the building.

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The Dance School is inserted as an unusual object, capable of arousing perplexity and curiosity of the passersby. Its design is closer to urban design, so that its simple form looks like a monumental minimalist sculpture” say at Lankry Architectes.


Photos: courtesy of Lankry Architectes.