Parallax Table by Sandro Lopez challenges to be explored from different viewpoints by appearing unpredictably different from every angle. The project features two connected molded plywood shells supporting an extra clear float glass.


Conceived as a piece around which people converse, the design is about freedom of expression and the fragile balance between contrasting views” says Lopez.


Parallax Table is entirely made in Italy from environmentally friendly materials and was presented at 100% Design during London Design Festival.


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Muuto Balance vase set by Hallgeir Homstvedt

Two identical crisps-alike wooden sheet are perfectly balanced and connected together thanks to a hidden fixing component. The varying thickness of the shells allows the base to appear thin on the edges while keeping enough strength to support the structure where required.


The base is manufactured in the Venice region of Italy from FSC certified wood and comes in oak and ash with both natural and stained finishing as well as in the charcoal lacquered beech version.


London based designer Sandro Lopez believes that design process precedes briefing and follows the final visualization stage. The ideological, technical, economical and political context, inscribe inherent qualities which in turn define the nature of the product.

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ballance video 2

Photo : courtesy of Sandro Lopez.