5 out of the box stationery designs @ Maison&Ojet 2017. Notable Designs' stationery design set - Photo by @notabledesigns, IG.

6 out of the box stationery designs @ Maison&Objet 2017. Notable Designs’ stationery design set – Photo by @notabledesigns, IG.

Paris 2017 – At Maison&Objet, designers give new shape of the rituals of writing with marble, brass, wood and copper out-of-the-box stationery designs. Archipanic selected 6 analogical office tools making a difference between laptops and cups of coffees.

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“Weight of Words” writing tools by ystudio for NotableDesigns

Fountain Pens by ystudio - Photo by of ystudio.

Fountain Pens by ystudio – Photo by of ystudio.

ystudio minimalist “lifetime stationery” explores a vanishing culture: hand writing. Each piece is crafted and manufactured in Taiwan using traditional and durable materials which age perfectly such as bronze, pure solid brass, metal, rustic wood and copper. “Today, the meaning of writing has gradually changed: indeed, it is no longer a necessity. Writing has evolved from a way to convey words to a medium to express emotions. Writing to someone we cherish or writing down important things becomes a special way to record our feelings.” Explain at ystudio.

Align pen by Beyond Objects

London based design label BEYOND OBJECTS designed Align, acarefully crafted in hi-grade aluminium minimalistic pen. Align is divided into three parts, where the middle part is dislocated when the pen is closed. To use the it, you simply need to twist the pen to align the middle part with the rest of the body so the tip will be pushed out following the alignment.

MATHEMATICS stationery by Design XyR

Mathematics scissors by Design XyR - Photo by Design XyR

Photo by Design XyR.

Design XyR created a set of stationery inspired by the perfect balance between mathematics and beauty. The MATHEMATICS collection features scissors, paper cutters and rules made of black laquered metal and with a distinctive design merging functionality with brand new aesthetics.

Marble DOCK collection for Native Union

Native Union DOCK marble collection - Photo by @nativeunion IG

Photo by @nativeunion, IG.

NATIVE UNION designs and develops premium products for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. At Maison&Objet the creative lifestyle brand presents DOCK marble desk accessories, an office set enhancing new ways of relating with technology. Available in white and black veined marble, the series comprises organisers, and iPhone cases but also iPhone, iPad and iWatch holders featuring brushed metal rotating arms.

EL modular filing system by Knut Völzke for Konstantin Slawinski

EL modular filing system by Knut Volzke for Konstantin Slawinski - Photo by Konstantin Slawinski.

Photo by Konstantin Slawinski.

Table? Wallboard? Bookstand? It depends on what you do with it. All you need is little fantasy and few magnets.” Says Knut Völzke who designed Konstantin Slawinski‘s EL building design system for filing, side tables and all other things that can be made out of its basic form in different colours. But EL even looks good on its own – as a practical floor depot or on cupboards and desks.

Landscape desk organizers by Danzo for NotableDesigns

Landscape organisers by Danzo for Notable Designs - Courtesy of Notable Designs

Photo by Notable Designs.

Taipei-based Danzo design studio created LANDSCAPE, an organic collection of organisers inspired by different habitats such as valleys, hills, volcanos and waterfalls. Made of aluminum and available both raw and several colorus, the series is functional both at home and at work. Each piece is composed by a container and a lid which comes with its own topography. “The Valley terrain for example, is inspired by the rift valley of East Taiwan and it’s useful for holding stationery and mobile phones“.