Grace La Margna hotel, St. Moritz - Courtesy of NOMAD St. Moritz 2023.

Grace La Margna hotel, St. Moritz – All photos: courtesy of NOMAD St. Moritz 2023.

Design, Crafts – The 19th edition of NOMAD, the traveling showcase of collectible design, transforms the historic art nouveau hotel Grace La Margna in the Swiss Engadine region into an extraordinary event showcasing thought-provoking exhibitions. Check what we liked the most at NOMAD St. Moritz 2023.

NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 foyer - Courtesy of NOMAD.

NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 foyer.

ISTANBUL’74 presents FLAGS FOR FUTURE, a set of limited-edition artist flags made from upcycled plastic waste, co-curated with Utöpia. Raising awareness of plastic pollution in the marine environment, 10% of proceeds go to the efforts to clean seas and all seashores. In the wake of the devastating impact of the recent earthquakes, ISTANBUL’74 and Utöpia will also donate their share to reputable organizations working tirelessly to aid those affected and support survivors in rebuilding their lives.

FLAGS FOR FUTURE, ISTANBUL’74 @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

FLAGS FOR FUTURE, ISTANBUL’74’s installation.

Global creative network Parley for the Oceans presents design furniture 3D-printed by Nagami and fabricated with Parley Ocean Plastic®, a premium material created from upcycled plastic waste recovered from remote islands, waters, and coastlines by Parley’s Global Cleanup Network.

Parley for the Oceans @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Parley for the Oceans’ installation.

The Gallery of Everything is proud to present a series of rare jute tapestries fabricated by Central American craftspeople in association with the artist Alexander Calder. The artist carefully selected fourteen images from his prolific archive and closely monitored the prototypes. Yet he was unprepared for the astonishing results and how the Guatemalan artisans had exploded his signature loops and swirls into fabulous undulating surfaces of dyed, curled, and natural braided fiber.

Alexander Calder x The Gallery of Everything @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Alexander Calder x The Gallery of Everything’s installation.

Yali Glass works closely with master glass blowers on the Venetian island of Murano to create a simple, timeless collection of tableware and handcrafted works in wood and other metals and materials. At NOMAD St. Moritz 2023, they created a design bar and an exquisite cocktail of handcrafted materials with a shot of artisanal mastery. Murano glass predominates within this illuminated nocturnal landscape featuring wooden stools and handwoven fabrics, especially recycled fused glass transformed into handcrafted tables encased in angular iron frames.

Yaly Bar by Yali Glass @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Yaly Bar by Yali Glass.

Milan-based Nilufar Gallery creates a rare parallelism with iconic pieces of Brazilian design from the second half of the 1900s and contemporary works. Carlo Lorenzetti displays the Pup stool and the Alter ceramic low table, while Maximilian Marchesani’s organic lighting design branches out over the room.

Nilufar Gallery @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Nilufar Gallery’s installation.

Is it possible to give a title to an emotion? Iconic Milanese gallery Rossana Orlandi presents the NO TITLE exhibition featuring pieces designed with sustainability in mind. In 2019, with her daughter Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni, Rossana gave life to RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC, an international project conceived to involve the creative and design community in creating productions with materials resulting from recycling, reuse, and upcycling. It is especially dedicated to rePlastic and then to reWaste in general.

Rossana Orlandi @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Rossana Orlandi’s installation.

Rome-based conceptual artist Rolf Sachs presents Alpine Suite, An ode to the Engadin Swiss region and Alpine culture. The exhibition includes a curated selection of sculptural pieces he made in the last decade in conversation with a selection of photographs from a year-long project in which Sachs photographed the passing landscape from the historic train connecting the cities of Chur and Tirano.

Alpine Suite by Rolf Sachs @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 - Courtesy of NOMAD.

Alpine Suite by Rolf Sachs’ installation @ NOMAD St. Moritz 2023 – All photos: courtesy of NOMAD.