NOMAD Capri 2022 - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

NOMAD Capri 2022. All photos by Mattia Parodi, Piergiorgio Sorgetti and Federico Floriani – Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Design – After St. Moritz, Monaco and Venice, NOMAD Circle – the erratic event presenting unique pieces at the intersection of architecture, collectible design and contemporary art – shores to the famed Italian island of Capri, taking over the Certosa di San Giacomo, a majestic fourteenth-century monastery studded between Mediterranean vegetation and the sea. On display at NOMAD Capri 2022 are exhibitions by some of the more influential international galleries, along with design installations specially created for the breathtaking venue. Check what we liked the most.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Inauguration night - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Inauguration night of NOMAD Capri 2022.

Rachel Hayes filled the grand central courtyard of the Certosa with an outdoor installation featuring fluctuating vibrant Textile. The American artist creates fabric structures that vibrantly explore painting processes, quilt making, architectural space, light, and shadow. Because of the large-scale nature of her installations and her interests in painting and the craft of sewing, Hayes’ work is a balance of power and fragility. The Turkish independent creative platform ISTANBUL’74 commissioned the Special Project for the NOMAD Capri 2022 edition.

NOMAD Capri 2022. 'A moment in Time' installation by Rachel Hayes x Istanbul'74 - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Rachel Hayes x Istanbul’74 – Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Draga & Aurel and Rossana Orlandi Gallery present a selection of art design pieces created exclusively for the gallery together with unreleased items expanding the Coralia collection. The series explores the hidden beauty of resin, a fluid and translucent material with mineral hues often recalling infinite shades of its sea: from the turquoise, periwinkle, indigo, cyan, and ultramarine of the rippling waves to the yellow, orange, pink, and purple of the coral and anemones populating the seabed.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Coralia collection by Draga & Aurel + Rossana Orlandi - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Draga & Aurel + Rossana Orlandi at NOMAD Capri.

From Rio de Janeiro, Mercado Moderno returns with an exhibition highlighting the strong link between Italy and Brazil. For her swollen creations, Ines Schertel took inspiration from the beaches bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The unmistakable lines by Lina Bo Bardi and Giuseppe Scapinelli, can be seen in elegant pieces specially chosen to represent the strong connection between the two countries.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Mercado Moderno - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Mercado Moderno at NOMAD Capri.

Officine Saffi teamed up with Bottega Veneta to present two biophilic collections. Glaze Obsession is a series of planters with volcanic glaze exploring the ceramic history and raw materials. Faceless Body is a limited edition of sculptures conceived by Anders Herwald Ruhwald, in which ceramic becomes a habitat for the organic growth of plants.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Collections by Officine Saffi Lab + Bottega Veneta - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Collections by Officine Saffi Lab + Bottega Veneta at NOMAD Capri.

From Shanghai and New York, Objective Gallery signals the first appearance of a gallery from China at NOMAD, bringing an exciting selection of artworks from six emerging artists. The Cube Variations Part 3 cabinet by J McDonald has been conceived from the conviction that humans have an essential nostalgia for designs that contain the magic of earthly nature, which has faded with the invasion of the rectilinearity and coldness of contemporary design.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Objective Gallery - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle

Objective Gallery at NOMAD Capri.

From London, Gallery FUMI exhibits a selection of contemporary works and new pieces specially commissioned for the fair. Max Lamb’s new Poly series comprises quirky planters and chairs made from expanded polystyrene and polyurethane rubber coating.

Athens-based Carwan Gallery arrives at NOMAD Capri with an exciting exhibition of eight designers from different parts of the world. On show totemic sculptures by India Mahdavi, Anton Alvarez, Roberto Sironi, and Sigve Knutso combining tradition with innovations.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Gallery FUMI - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Gallery FUMI at NOMAD Capri.

All photos by Mattia Parodi, Piergiorgio Sorgetti and Federico Floriani – courtesy of NOMAD Capri 2022.

NOMAD Capri 2022. Carwan Gallery - Courtesy of NOMAD Circle.

Carwan Gallery at NOMAD Capri.