COORDINATES by Micheal Anastassiades x FLOS - Photo by Tommaso Sartori.

Milan Shining, COORDINATES by Micheal Anastassiades x FLOS – Photo by Tommaso Sartori.

Milan 2020 – New product launches by FLOS, Artemide and Luceplan and more are among the lightings launched at Milano Design City, the alternative programme of events, talks and exhibitions of the world’s design capital, orphan of its world’s leading design week. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s time for Milan shining, again!

Covid-19 sanitizing technology…

INTEGRALIS® by Artemide - Courtesy of Artemide.

Courtesy of Artemide.

Artemide presents INTEGRALIS®, the patented technology combining sanitising efficacy with luminous performance and design beauty, regenerating the environmental qualities of the space. Indeed, selected frequencies of invisible UV light inhibit the developments and growth of bacteria and fungi and viruses. Integralis® can be integrated into the company’s products and can be managed by the company’s free-to-download app.

Like a ‘dimmable’ measuring tape…

METRICA floor lamp by studio Habits for Martinelli Luce - Courtesy of Martinelli Luce.

Courtesy of Martinelli Luce.

Martinelli Luce presents METRICA by studio Habits. A LED light source, hidden inside the support that forms the base, lights up by extracting it from its profile like a measuring tap, increasing its intensity until it reaches the stop position. Pushing it back inside, the brightness decreases until it switches off. METRICA comes in a floor, table and wall version.

Rippling flares

WAW COLLECTION presents the highly crafted BE WATER Lamp, a linear and modular recessed kinetic decorative LED lamp AND designed by Fernando Correa in four different color variations inspired by the four elements in nature. The light emitted through refraction passes through a unique glass cylinder that rotates on its axis by means of a motor. The resulting effect is that of sunlight reflecting on the surface of rippling water and then projected onto surfaces.

Mathematical suspended grids…

COORDINATES by Micheal Anastassiades x FLOS - Photo by Tommaso Sartori.

Photo by Tommaso Sartori.

Micheal Anastassiades has created for FLOS COORDINATES, a luminous suspended grid originally designed for New York’s legendary Four Seasons restaurant, Coordinates. The modular chandelier is composed of a series of interlocking linear LED luminaries that take their formal inspiration from the mathematical precision of the Cartesian grid, illuminated and expanded to three brilliant dimensions.

Like a painting…

CASSETTE by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan - Photo by Luceplan.

Photo by Luceplan.

Minimalist and decorative, CASSETTE by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan is a luminous micro-architecture composed of an extruded aluminium frame and a sheet with a central circular opening that releases light into the surrounding space. Like a painting to hang on a wall, the dimmable design plays with effects of depth and three-dimensional perception: the two levels appear to be distant when switched off, but seem on the same plane when it is lit.

Rethinking the spot light

MAHARI table lamp by William Pianta - Photo via IG by @nahoor_limelight.

Photo via IG by @nahoor_limelight.

At Pianca & Partners’ newly opened contract showroom, Nahoor showcases the new MAHARI table and floor lamp by William Pianta. Inspired by retail spotlights the design comes in polished aluminium or covered with precious materials. In Aramaic Nahoor means “art of welcoming and illuminate”.