Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019. Economy of Means - Photo via IG by @trienaldelisboa - © Lorenzo Roncaglione.
Photo via IG by @trienaldelisboa – © Lorenzo Roncaglione.

LisbonTriennial2019 – We selected some of the best shots of Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019 which explores the rational imprint of the discipline until December 2, 2019.

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Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019. Inner Space - Photo via IG by @trienaldelisboa - © Lorenzo Roncaglione
Photo via IG by @trienaldelisboa – © Lorenzo Roncaglione.

The 5th edition of the Triennale explores The Poetics of Reason. Architecture, for all its subjective and non-scientific dimension, rests on reason, and the event aims to shed light on the specifics of architectural rationality. Each of the five exhibitions that compose the Triennale will examine one aspect or dimension of this theme.

The event also comprises 10 Associated Projects3 Awards: Début, Lifetime Achievement and Universities). Trienal de Lisboa 2019 is curated by the French architect and theorist Éric Lapierre, in collaboration with an international team of researchers and educators.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. What is Ornament - Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.
‘What is Ornament’ exhibition – Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.

To close the 5th edition, from November 28 a three-day programme of conferences focuses on the The Poetics of Reason main theme.

Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019. Photo via IG by @migueltcmp.
Photo via IG by @migueltcmp.

The cycle aims to create an energetic and specialized composition of conversations with three approaches: a one-hour presentation, with a theoretical approach by an academic, a conversation between two or more architects or designers, with an intensive rhythm of thirty minutes. Each session ends with a confrontation of ideas configured as a boxing ring, between all the speakers.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Agriculture Architecture - Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.
‘Agriculture Architecture’ exhibition – Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.
Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019. Natural Beauty - Photo via IG by @galeriacarloscarvalho.
Photo via IG by @galeriacarloscarvalho.