Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Economy of Means - Photo ©Fabio Cunha.
Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Economy of Means – All photos: ©Fabio Cunha.

Architecture – Titled The Poetics of Reason, Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019 explores the rational nature of architecture as the starting point to make the discipline accessible to all. The 5th edition of the event is curated by the French architect and theorist Éric Lapierre, in collaboration with an international team of researchers and educators such as the, architects.

Economy of Means

@ MAAT Museum, Av. de Brasília, Central Tejo.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Economy of Means - Photo ©Fabio Cunha.

Land, energy, natural materials and all kind of global resources are shrinking, Éric Lapierre has selected historic and contemporary projects driven by an Economy of Means approach. On show ‘rational’ solutions carefully managing resources in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way in order to tackle local and global challenges.

Agriculture and Architecture: Taking the Country’s Side

@ Garagem Sul – BCC, Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém Praça do Império.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Agriculture Architecture - Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.

The exhibition reconnect the twin disciplines. The premise of the exhibition is that the architectural discipline can learn from permaculture, a method of crop design that simulates the functioning of natural ecosystems, suggesting the possibility of conciliation between natural and artificial. The exhibition is curated by philosopher Sébastien Marot.

Inner Space

@ MNAC – Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea, Rua Serpa Pinto, 4.

How creative imagination and rational thinking combine in the design process? Mariabruna Fabrizi e Fosco Lucarelli narrate how architects and artists from different times have worked out rational systems to envision both spacial and imaginary worlds.

What is Ornament? 

@ Culturgest, Edifício-sede da Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Rua Arco do Cego, 50.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. What is Ornament - Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.

Ambra Fabi e Giovanni Piovene of PioveneFabi studio has selected artworks, objects, furniture, books, movies and photographs enhancing ornament not as a mere decoration but as an historically founded element of architecture. Indeed, it has inspired milestone turning points, leap forward of nostalgic comebacks in the history of architecture.

Natural Beauty

@ Palácio Sinel de Cordes, Campo de Santa Clara, 145.

Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2019. Natural Beauty - Photo via IG by @galeriacarloscarvalho.
Photo via IG by @galeriacarloscarvalho.

Laurent Esmilaire and Tristan Chadney have selected major works from around the world showing how the rational nature of construction can be in itself a form of beauty or, at least, a parameter shared and understandable to all. On show also a selection of student projects, from the Lisbon Triennale Millennium bcp Universities Competition Award.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Economy of Means - Photo ©Fabio Cunha.
Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. Economy of Means – Photo by ©Fabio Cunha.