LGBT architecture and design. Frame from the Pride Shield video - ©Pride Shield.

2018 LGBT architecture and design. Frame from the Pride Shield video – © Pride Shield.

Summer 2018 – Every year from May to August, millions of people parade across the streets of cities in all continents to show their support for open minded and LGBT friendly societies. We selected 7 designs and architectures delivering an inclusive messages.

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Skyscrapers and monuments turn rainbow

Milan's Unicredit Tower turns rainbow - Photo di Alice Redaelli, courtesy of Milano Pride.

Milan’s Unicredit Tower turns rainbow – Photo di Alice Redaelli, courtesy of Milano Pride 2018.

On the occasion of Milan Pride, the pinnacle of the Unicredit tower designed by Brazilian architect César Pelli was lit with the colours of the LBGT flag. The light installation was just one of the latest high-rise architectures embracing the rainbow. Other iconic landmark buildings have been Paris’ Tour Eiffel, the Empire State Building in NYC, Toronto TV Tower, Sidney Opera House, the Brandeburg Gate in Berlin, Tel Aviv and San Francisco City Halls, and more.

Pride shield: 193 united rainbow flags fighting violence and prejudice

LGBT people around the world are target of prejudice and violence. What if we all take a stand against it? On May 17, the international day against homofobia and transfobia, Rethink Creative unveiled Pride Shield an installation featuring 193 rainbow flags, one for every country in the world, which are able to stop a flying bullet once they are all aligned. “We created Rainbow Shield to show the world that together we can stop violence,” explain at Rethink Creative.

TYPE WITH PRIDE, a friendly font

Advertising agency Oglivy & Mather designed a free-to-download font commemorating the achievements of the late activist Gilbert Baker who designed the rainbow flag in 1978. The font uses the rainbow colours of the flag for its colourful graphic language. “The rainbow flag has become far more than just a flag, it gives people hope,” type at Oglivy & Mather. Colourful geometric shapes overlap blending the colour where they meet to represent the “open and fluid” nature of the LGBT+ community.

New York’s LGBT Memorial in Manhattan

LGBT Memorial Site NYC - Photo via Andrew Cuomo @NYGovCuomo, TW.

Photo via Andrew Cuomo @NYGovCuomo, TW.

In June, artist Anthony Goicolea inaugurated the first official monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Commissioned by the State of New York in the wake of the Orlando shooting at the gay bar Pulse in 2016, the memorial is located in in Hudson River Park, Manhattan – an important site in New York’s LGBT history – and honours the fight for equal rights and remembers victims of hate, intolerance and violence. The monument takes the form of nine boulders, some bisected with glass that acts as a prism and can emit a subtle rainbow.

Brands wear the LGBT flag

Absolut Rainbow - ©Absolut vodka.

Absolut Rainbow – ©Absolut vodka.

Many brands support the LGBT cause launching rainbow-edition products or temporarily updating their logos. Absolut vodka has been one of the first ones creating a limited edition bottle designed in collaboration with Gilbert Baker, the San Francisco designer behind the original flag. More recently, the Swedish spirit launched the Absolut Rainbow Edition featuring brush strokes screen-printed on the glass and with a powerful message: “Taking pride in diversity, is what the world needs, now more than ever”.

The Cruising Pavilion at Venice Biennale

The Cruising Pavilion - Photo by Louis De Belle

Photo by Louis De Belle.

The Cruising Pavilion at Spazio Punch during Venice Biennale brings sex and architecture together exploring the promiscuous architecture of sex dungeons in the age of online dating. Vistors are invited to move through and explore – cruise, technically speaking – a flat pack maze containing glory holes and artifacts from famously secretive Berlin nightclub. Today, Grindr, Tinder and other dating apps replaced gay venues with private condos and “have generated a new psychosexual geography spreading across a vast architectonic of digitally interconnected bedrooms.” Read more…

A Space for All @ London Festival of Architecture

LFA - Pride Float 2018 - Photo by Howkins Brown

Photo by Howkins Brown

Howkins/Brown won the London Festival of Architecture‘s competition for a float representing LGBT+ architects in the London Pride parade. Called A Space for All, the float featured a black, pitched-roof structure, contrasted with brightly painted details, which will was animated by architects during the parade. “Our idea was to combine the dual identities of LGBT+ and being an architect, as well as making LGBT+ identity more pronounced in construction generally.”