AQUA installation - Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano
Milan celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci. AQUA installation – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Milan 2019 – Leonardo da Vinci loved Milan. Fed up with Florence, the Renaissance Master moved to the city where he stayed for 17 years – from 1482 to 1499 – under the eclectic patronage of the despotic Regent Ludovico il Moro, later Duke of Milan. Here he painted the Last Supper, engineered the first panzer and helicopter, designed and built innovative canal-gates – some of which are still being used today – and portrayed Ludovico’s mistress Cecilia Gallerani, a.k.a. The Lady with Ermine

AQUA installation - Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.
AQUA installation – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Beside the Last Supper at Cenacolo Vinciano – book at least two months in advance – other two must see destinations are the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum displaying reconstructions of the genius’ inventions and hosting creative labs for kids, and the Vigna di Leonardo, the former house and garden where the artist used to live and make wine – Unfortunately it will be closed during the design week.

But if you are in town for Milan Design Week, make sure not to miss these 7 temporary exhibitions.

AQVA – Leonardo’s vision

Conca dell’incoronata – Via San Marco, [MM2 Brera].

AQUA installation - Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.
AQUA installation – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Salone del Mobile.Milano commissioned AQUA site-specific immersive experience at the Conca dell’Incoronata. The former canal will be covered over with an architectural insert in the form of a great expanse of water, on the edge of which a huge LED screen will become a window onto a future Milan, showing a skyline that changes according to the time of day. Beneath this structure, inside the canal itself, visitors can experience all the beauty, energy and shape of water, enfolded in image and sound thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology.

DE-SIGNO. The art of Italian design before and after Leonardo

Milan Furniture Fair, Pav. 24 [MM2 Rho Fiera].

De-Signo - Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano
De-Signo – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

At pavilion 24, Salone del Mobile.Milano celebrates Leonardo’s legacy to the art of design and craftsmanship with DE-SIGNO, an immersive installation marrying the languages of film and theatrical scenography. On show images and music illustrating Leonardo’s approach to design and the industriousness of the Renaissance workshops and laboratories as related to the savoir-fair and design of contemporary design companies.

The Leonardo Horse Project

Snai San Siro race track, via dei Piccolomini 2/4, [MM1 San Siro Ippodromo].

Drawing by Elena Salmistraro.
Drawing by Elena Salmistraro.

Curator Cristina Morozzi invited creatives from the world of design, art, fashion and technology pay tribute, imagine and reinterpret the Leonardo da Vinci’s giant horse at Milan’s race track. Their works will be on show at the in the gardens of the Snai San Siro race track. Elena Salmistraro has responded with her project Napayshni – Strong and brave in Native American language, “two necessary characteristics to act on such an important oeuvre” explains the designer. On Wednesday 10, a White Night animate the venue with video mapping projections and dj-sets.


Palazzo Giureconsulti, Piazza dei Mercanti 2, [MM1,3 Duomo].

LeonARdo - Photo by Dilium with DEseip.
Photo by Dilium with DEseip.

Start up Dilium and communication agency DEseip, invites to discover some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works with augmented reality. At Palazzo Giureconsulti – Sala delle Colonne – The Gioconda, the Vitruvian Man, the Last Supper and other masterpieces are recreated with an innovative style and can be ‘explored’ by downloading the Bellfish app.

De Rerum Natura sponsors a New Humanism

Cascina Cuccagna, via Cuccagna 2/4, [M3 Porta Venezia].

Linfa - Robonica + Peia Associati - Courtesy of DE RERUM NATURA
Linfa – Robonica + Peia Associati – Courtesy of DE RERUM NATURA.

A new Renaissance is the theme of the exhibition De Rerum NaturaThe Nature of Things in Roman Latin – which features design projects seeking “a newfound harmony between Man and Nature, and investigating a sustainable future,” explains the curator Matteo Ragni. Hosted at Cascina Cuccagna, a former farmstead in the heart of the city turned into cultural venue featuring also a hostel, a restaurant and a garden/orchard. 

From Peia Associati’s home appliance that allows you to grow a handy garden to Napoli 2035, a participatory design project tackling the homeless crisis through a series of objects and multimedia products. How design thinking can transform the world around us and, above all, the way we can all participate? The Design Collisions small exhibition brings together great ideas created in communities for communities. “Design Collision sets up projects that repair the fractures afflicting us, those between man and nature” explains the curator Laura Traldi.

Sam Baron at The Cloister

Via Val Petrosa 5, [MM1 Duomo, Cordusio].

Photo via Instagram - Follow @sam_baron
Photo via Instagram – Follow @sam_baron.

The Cloister concept store debuts at Fuorisalone with an exhibition by French designer Sam Baron who celebrates the 500 Anniversary of Leonardo and his last French period works. On show a new series of pieces ranging from 2D to 3D and embracing the use of multiple materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or textile. 

I Giardini di Leonardo in Isola

Stecca 3.0, via G. De Castilla 26, [MM5 Isola and Garibaldi].

I Giardini di Leonardo by Andrea Liberni con Atelier del Paesaggio - Photo courtesy of Isola Design District
I Giardini di Leonardo by Andrea Liberni con Atelier del Paesaggio – Photo courtesy of Isola Design District.

Botany, architecture, eco-design and nature come together in the Giardini di Leonardo project by Claudia Zanfi and Andrea Liberni. The duo transformed the Isola neighborhood into an art garden, with entirely vegetable materials, set up around Stecca 3.0. The project was developed by Isola Design District and Vivai Giorgio Tesi Group.