BB Building - Photos by Guillermo Andres Romero - Courtesy of Íris Cantante.

BB Building – Photos by Guillermo Andres Romero – Courtesy of Íris Cantante.

Argentina 2016 – Young architect Íris Cantante designed BB Building, the working studio of top Latin American rock band Babasonicos in Buenos Aires. The project features three discreet soundproof independent buildings with corrugated steel framing linked by courtyards and enlivened by climbing plants.

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The project is located in San Cristóbal, a commercial and industrial neighbourhood, between La Boca and San Telmo district. BB Building merges discretely in the local urban-scape with economic and durable corrugated galvanized sheet that recall La Boca iconic architecture.


Íris Cantante proposed a solution designed for professionals who didn’t necessarily have to step on each other feet. The musicians need their own creative space. People from the office had to work in a more quiet environment. Other visitors and guests enter the building for several reasons.


The complex is divided in three sections. The street-front building homes a music content producer office while the back volume shelters the musicians recreational and composition spaces. In between, as a safe-deposit concreet box works as the main rehearsal studio.


Íris Cantante worked on three distinct levels of intimacy defined by different circulation hierarchies. Soundproofing was a fundamental request. A reinforced thermal and acoustic insulation system optimises energy consumption as much as possible.


The project mixes wet and dry construction systems. All structural elements like columns, beams, walls and floors are made of concrete while all other divisions are built in Steel Framing. “I choose to use easily accessible materials, but also to confer a new expression and quality performance” said  Íris Cantante to ArchiPanic.


Babasonicos’ request was to design a building with a sober look, which didn’t call too much attention. The construction had to be fast, cheap and good” adds Íris Cantante.


The project balances between opposites: natural – the climbing plants – versus the artificial construction. The coldness of gray metal and concrete versus warmth of light wood interiors.


Photo by Guillermo Andres Romero – Courtesy of Íris Cantante.


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