“Imperfect Design makes handcrafted lifestyle products that are designed by Dutch designers in collaboration with craftsmen and craftswomen in developing countries and emerging markets” Comment  Monique Thoonen, founder and soul of Inperfect design. “The Dutch designers develop and design in close collaboration with local craftsmen new worldwide inspired  products which create opportunities for sustainable economic and social development in developing countries and emerging markets”.



With the new collection of cups and bowls, Arian Brekveld managed to find a perfect combination between simplicity, functionality and the subtlety and perfection of the Vietnamese craftsmanship.


The engagement and interest of several professionals during the realization of Imperfect Design was enormous. This interest of a large group of people inspired Monique Thoonen to establish a group of professionals with a social engagement. These friends are a sparring partner and a think tank in the field of social design. They support the projects of designers with craftsmen with their contribution.


In Guatemala, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe developed the first collection of Imperfect Design, together with a glass works, a ceramics workshop, weavers and local craftsmen. The result of the extraordinary collaboration is a beautiful collection vases of ceramics, vases of recycled glass and handwoven and embroidered plaids and cushions.


Photos: Courtesy of Imperfect Design –