GOD exhibition, Tornello table - Photos by Atelier Biagetti.

GOD exhibition – Photos by Atelier Biagetti.

Milan 2017 – Which is our society prominent obsession? Atelier Biagetti created tongue in cheek furnitures that reflect the lust for money and power. “The GOD exhibition is conceived as a high-security vault that functions like a supermarket” Says to Archipanic Atelier Biagetti co-founder Laura Baldassari.

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GOD exhibition, Euforia shelving/chandelier - Photo by Atelier Biagetti.

Euforia shelving/chandelier.

Buying Atelier Biagetti ingots is almost easy as purchasing consumer goods. You just have to take a ticket from a machine counting the number of interested customers, then a stock-exchange will reveal the final price. Visitors are also invited to gamble with scratch-cards to win a night-out on a Limo or a week in the most exclusive tax heaven: the Cayman Islands. GOD exhibition is God curated by Maria Cristina Didero

GOD exhibition, Lingotto bench - Photo by Atelier Biagetti.

Lingotto bench.

The new series features a table with a glass top and a base made with a supermarket turnstile, a very pop symbol of consumerism. On show also a swing wrapped by 24 carat gold-foil to celebrate jubilant victories, a giant ingot-shaped bench upholstered in gold leather and a wall-lamp resembling a glowing safe.

GOD exhibition, Caveau wall lamp - Photo by Atelier Biagetti.

Caveau wall lamp.

A golden 24 hours case emanates a bubble with a luminous halo to refer to the demateralization of power. At the end of the exhibition, a transparent library incorporating a chandelier hosts Atelier Biagetti ingots. The series includes also pure silk textiles featuring flying ingots and emoji patterns.

GOD exhibition, God light selving/chandelier - Photo by Atelier Biagetti.

God light.

Our designs are always very ironic but we don’t want to say what is right or wing” Says Laura Baldassari to Archipanic. “Irony allows you to express any emotion without taking yourself too seriously. At the same time, it also offers a chance to think on more serious issues”.

GOD exhibition - Photo by Archipanic.

Photo by Archipanic at the inauguration.

Indeed, Atelier Biagetti has been exploring the ultimate contemporary obsessions. With the Body Building collection they reflected on the cult of body while their Sex-rehab clinic installation focused people’s sexual OCDs.

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All photos: Courtesy of Atelier Biagetti.