Masterly at Milan Design Week 2021 - Photo by Archipanic.

Masterly at Milan Design Week 2021 – Photo by Archipanic.

Milan 2021Milan 2021 – After one year and a half, Milan Design Week takes over the city with a smaller – yet exceptional – global event bringing together some of the best Italian and international design. Fuorisalone 2021 celebrates creativity again in its famed districts from Brera to Tortona and Isola.

Design Variations

Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24 [Map],
Design Variations @ Milan Design Week 2021 - Courtesy of Mosca Partners.

Design Variations @ Milan Design Week 2021 – Courtesy of Mosca Partners.

Mosca Partners fills the historic Palazzo Litta with Design Variations, an exhibition bringing together brilliant installations, furniture and crafts tuning with the enthusiastic and energetic motto We will be there. In the central courtyard, Portuguese studio Aires Mateus present the temporary installation A beach in the Baroque featuring oversized cabins celebrating the reunification of people after the isolation of the pandemic. On show also new furniture collections by Babled Design, Tensoforma and WOGG. 4-10 Sept. 10am-6pm. Free entrance, book here. 


Palazzo Turati, via Meravigli 7 [Map].
Fuorisalone 2018. MASTERLY.

Photo by Masterly.

1.000 orchids fill the stunning courtyard and halls of the historic Palazzo Turati. At Masterly, over 80 designers showcase their ultimate works cross-pollinating furniture design, graphic design, fashion and art. Stefan Scholten debuts with a collection recycling unwanted marble from quarries in Carrara. Bibi Smit lits the spaces with glass-blown cloud lamps. Julia Janssen invites us to read a book containing the 835 privacy policies we accept with ‘one-click without being aware of it. 5,6,8,9 Sept. 11am-8pm, Sept. 7 11am-5pm, Sept.10 11am-4pm. Free entrance.


Multiple locations.
IL VISO DEL MONDO - Courtesy of Richard Yasmine.

IL VISO DEL MONDO – Courtesy of Richard Yasmine.

5Vie design district is back with a series of exhibitions and installations in the heart of Milan. Among the highlights is LOOKS LIKE MAGIC! by Spanish designer Jorge Penadés who rethinks textile production waste to create a new material [Cesare Correnti 14, map, 4-10 Sept. 10 am-6 pm]. Lebanese architect and designer Richard Yasmine explores femininity at the SIAM palace with the Il viso del mondo installation. [via Santa Marta, 18, map, 4-10 Sept. 10am-6pm]. Free entrance. 


Via Simone Saint Bon 1 [Map].
Alcova 2021 @ Casa delle Suore - Photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani

Photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani.

Through design, Alcova brings back to life forgotten venues across the city. And this year is no different. Head to Inganni on the city’s west side to explore three former military buildings, over 3500 square meters tucked within a large urban park. The venue has been turned into a design drome showcasing furniture and installations by India Mahdavi, Etage Projects, Lindsey Adelman Studio, MUT Design and more. 4 Sept. 11 am-5 pm, 5-12 Sept. 11 am-7 pm. Free entrance.

RO Galleria Rossana Orlandi + RO Guiltless Plastic

Via Matteo Bandello 14 [Map]. Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, via San Vittore 21 [Map].
Photo via IG by @rossana_orlandi

Photo via IG by @rossana_orlandi.

Rossana Orlandi, the talent scout and godmother of Milan Design Week, welcomes visitors to her galleria with a premium selection of collectible designs by creatives from around the globe, including Mandalaki’s Halo Horizon floor lamp, Milan Pekar’s colourful Cabinet of Curiosity and many more. The Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci hosts the shortlisted projects of the third edition of the RO Guiltless Plastic platform and international award. On show, out-of-the-box design solutions giving new life to used plastic and waste that explore endless possibilities of transformation. Because plastic is not guilty, abuse and miss are the real problems. 4-12 Sept. 10am-18.30pm. Free entrance.

Denmark Pavilion

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, via San Vittore 21 [Map].
Denmark Pavilion - Photo via IG by @wearelendager.

Denmark Pavilion – Photo via IG by @wearelendager.

Denmark joins Rossana Orlandi at The Museum of Science and Technology, Leonardo da Vinci. The Danish Pavilion focuses on circular economy, recycling, green conversion and climate solutions and showcases collections by 15 Danish design companies. Designed and curated by Lendager Group, the exhibition is a re-curated version of the Danish Pavilion for the Tokyo Olympics, which could not be completed due to Covid-19. The structure is entirely made of stools and is made of recycled wood and plastic. 4-12 Sept. 10am-18.30pm. Free entrance.

Nilufar + Nilufar Depot

Via della Spiga 32 [Map]. Via Vincenzo Lancetti 34 [Map].
Ornate by Bethan Laura Wood x Nilufar - Photo by Angus Mills.

Ornate by Bethan Laura Wood x Nilufar – Photo by Angus Mills.

Nina Yashar, the founder of the iconic Nilufar Gallery, is an eminent style arbiter of Milan Design Week. That’s why visiting her gallery in the fashion district and her serendipitous design depot in a former silverware factory just outside the city center is a must. Here, British designer Bethan Laura Wood presents Ornate, a collection of furniture inspired by boudoir design. 5-10 Sept. 10am-19pm. Free entrance. 

Design Academy Eindhoven – Missed your call

Via Vincenzo Monti, 59 [Map].
Missed you Call - Design Academy Eindhoven at Milan Design Week 2021 - Image by DAE

Image by DAE.

Each year, Design Academy Eindhoven sends out a call to the world and showcases its famed Graduation Show. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the world couldn’t answer. Now, Milan is returning Eindhoven’s call. The exhibition Missed Your Call is an opportunity for those alumni who graduated from the Bachelors’ department during the pandemic to show their work to the world. While some projects have evolved and others have kept their original form, they all have in common that they were conceived and produced under bewildering circumstances. Answer the missed call and venture into a former 1898 bakery factory, a hidden industrial architecture in the centre of Milan that is closed to the public most of the year. 5-10 Sept. 11am-7pm. Free entrance.

Doppia Firma

Palazzo Morando, via Sant’Andrea 6 [Map].
Elena Salmistraro with Carraro Chabarik x Doppia Firma 2021 - Photo by Laila Pozzo.

Elena Salmistraro with Carraro Chabarik x Doppia Firma 2021 – Photo by Laila Pozzo.

The Michelangelo Foundation presents the 5th edition of Doppia Firmadouble signature in Italian -, a project and exhibition that brings together European design innovation and the tradition of excellent artisanship by creating a unique collection of original, refined objects. On show vibrant ceramics by Adam Nathaniel Furman with Bottega Nove, textile drawings by Barnaba Fornasetti with Giovanni Bonotto, wall torches by Sabine Marcelis with Stylnove, a terra-cotta chair by Elena Salmistraro with Carraro Chabarik, and more. Palazzo Morando, Cortile d’Onore, 5 -12 Sept. 10am–6:45pm. Free entrance.

Materialized @ Isola Design District

Spazio Gamma, via Pastrengo 7 [Map].
MIXI lamp by Valentina Rocco +AGMA Polimeri@ Materialized, Isola Design Festival 2021.

MIXI lamp by Valentina Rocco +AGMA Polimeri@ Materialized, Isola Design Festival 2021.

As part of the Isola Design District, the Materialized exhibition features a showcase of natural raw materials, biomaterials, and sustainable design solutions. Austeja Platukyte presents Invisible Objects, a series of furniture made from cellulosic materials inviting to understand the flows and traces we leave behind, Valentina Rocco + Agma Polimeri present MIXI, a super-light lamp made from an innovative polymer-material from upcycled production waste, while Keep Life created with a bio-material using dried fruit shells. 5-10 Sept. 11am-6pm. Free entrance.

Cattedrali @ Alpha District

Piazza Gino Valle 1 [Map].
Cattedrali - Image by Alpha District

Cattedrali – Image by Alpha District.

Alpha District debuts in Milan around Piazza Gino Valle in the Portello neighbourhood on the city’s westside. Here, the Cattedrali exhibition consists of a landscape of mini-architectures with different shapes and sizes, inspired by Giorgio De Chirico’s Italian Piazzas. Each cathedral hosts a pop-up exhibition by brands, creative collectives and designers such as Serena Confalonieri, Antonio Aricò and Gumdesign. 5-10 Sept. 00-24. Free.

Tortona Rocks

Opificio 31, via Tortona 31 [Map].
Note Plinth by Vestre.

Note Plinth by Vestre.

Tortona Rocks groups pop-up exhibitions and temporary installations in Zona Tortona, the post-industrial neighborhood where it all began. Check the new collections of Vestre, a Norwegian leader in the production of sustainable furniture for urban spaces and Belgium is Design, a collective that promotes the countries upcoming creative talent. 5-10 Sept. 10an-6pm. Free entrance.

Superstudio Più + Superstudio Maxi

Via Tortona 27 [Map] + Via Moncucco 43 [Map].
Superstudio @ Milano Design Week 2021 - Photo via IG @superstudiogroup.

Superstudio @ Milano Design Week 2021 – Photo via IG @superstudiogroup.

SuperDesign Show showcases 12 curated design exhibitions exploring some of the most impelling post-pandemic issues. From women’s creativity to AI-powered homes, new production technologies, co-working and co-living and more. Superstudio Group also inaugurates Superstudio Maxi, a brand new venue and exhibition platform in Barona, a fast-growing district in the south of Milan. Here, the new destination will make design explode, embracing art, photography, architecture and more. SUPERSTUDIO PIÚ: 4 Sept. 3-9pm, 5-9 Sept. 11am-9pm, 10 Sept 11am-5pm. SUPERSTUDIO MAXI: 5-8 Sept 12am-8pm, 9 Sept 12am-4pm. Free entrance, book here.


Via Bergognone 34 [Map].
GAIA installation by Luke Jerram - Courtesy of BASE Milano.

GAIA installation by Luke Jerram – Courtesy of BASE Milano.

BASE’s co-working design platform presents an experimental itinerary that casts a panoramic gaze over Earth’s ecosystem to co-design a more sustainable future. Here, with the ReStart project, Deloitte curates an exhibition supporting local small businesses. IKEA opens a dialogue with 5 Italian and international designers in a unique residence that becomes their home for the week. 5-11 September 10am – 8pm | 12 September 10am – 6pm. Free entrance.

La Casa Fluida

Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51 [Map].
La Casa Fliuda - Image by Elisa Ossino Studio, courtesy of Elle Decor Italia

La Casa Fliuda – Image by Elisa Ossino Studio, – Courtesy of Elle Decor Italia.

From pure residential living space to a multi-tasking venue. “The domestic environment must be reimagined like never before,” says Livia Peraldo Matton, editor in chief of Elle Decor Italy, presenting La Casa Fluidathe fluid home – exhibition. 11 immersive post-pandemic interiors offer a glimpse of how our home will change in the near future. The exhibition is curated by Elisa Ossino Studio and landscape designer Marco Bay features designs by Technogym, Martinelli Luce, Gallotti&Radice, Porro, Cimento and more. Free entrance.

INTERNI Creative Connections

Università Statale di Milano – Via Festa del Perdono 7 [Map].
Creative Connections - Image by INTERNI MAGAZINE

Creative Connections – Image by INTERNI magazine.

INTERNI magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Fuorisalone with Creative Connections: a series of installations by some of the most acclaimed Italian and international architects such as MC A Mario Cucinella Architects, MAD Architects, Kengo Kuma and the Renzo Piano Foundation. In the stunning courtyards of the Ca’ Granda, the studios teamed up with cutting-edge companies to interpret the dream of a world taking care of people and the planet. 4 Sept. 10 am-00 am, 5-13 Sept. 10 am-10 pm, 14 Sept. 4.30 pm-10 pm, 15-18 Sept. 10 am-10 pm, 19 Sept. 10 am-6 pm. Free entrance.

Vico Magistretti, Milanese architect @ Triennale

Triennale Design Museum, Via E. Alemagna 6 [Map].
Vico Magistretti, Milanese Architect - Photo by Gianluca Di Ioia, courtesy of La Triennale in Milan.

Vico Magistretti, Milanese Architect – Photo by Gianluca Di Ioia, courtesy of La Triennale in Milan.

Created in partnership with the Fondazione Vico Magistretti, the major retrospective at the Triennale Design Museum looks back at the Milanese architect and designer’s entire career, which began shortly after the Second World War. Divided into thematic sections, it is the first time Magistretti’s work has been presented in a unified manner, with his architecture and installations and his design and urban planning. 5-12 Sept. 11am-10pm. Buy tickets.

ADI Design Museum

Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1 [Map].
Super Superfici –The Spirit of Memphis (reloaded) - Courtesy of ADI Design Museum.

Super Superfici –The Spirit of Memphis (reloaded) – Courtesy of ADI Design Museum.

The ADI Design Museum by ADI – Association for Industrial Design has inaugurated early this year and debuts at Milan Design Week with its a series of permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Spoon and the City explores the history of Italian design through objects and furniture awarded with the prestigious Compasso D’Oro, the Nobel of Italian Design. Curated by Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti, art directors of surface manufacturer Abet Laminati Super Superfici – The spirit of Memphis (Reloaded) celebrates the radical thinking and attitude of the infamous Memphis Group. Sept. 5-10; 10am-20pm. Buy tickets.