Fuorisalone 2020 goes digital - Photo by Design Vlaanderen, MDW2019.

Fuorisalone 2020 goes digital – Photo by Design Vlaanderen, MDW2019.

Coronavirus pandemicFuorisalone.it, the digital platform of the diffused festival featuring over 1.700 events taking over Milan Design Week, has announced a digital programme of events allowing the most influential design festival’s orphan companies of the physical event to communicate better, thanks also to extensive collaboration with the main magazines in the sector.

TELL ME MORE by Rapt Studio at Milan Design Week 2019 - Photo by Erik Laignel

We are convinced that Milan Design Week is a combination of many excellences, a unique moment of exchanges, experiences, emotions, visions and that cannot be reduced to a digital version, but digital can be important for companies that need to reach the Fuorisalone public even without being there.” Says the Fuorisalone 2020 committee which is made up of the Brera Design District, Ventura Projects, the Zona Tortona representative – Tortona rocks , Tortona Area Lab, BASE and Superstudio Più – as well as the districts of inBovisa, 5vie and Porta Venezia In Design and the Asia Design Milano project.

The 4 digital platforms of Fuorisalone 2020 are:

  • Fuorisalone TV From 15 to 21 June, a video schedule will fill the days in the absence of the Fuorisalone with live content consisting in talks, interviews, product presentations, concerts and content packaged by design and companies who want to present their projects and ideas in an innovative format.
  • Fuorisalone Meets – Throughout the month of June the webinar platform of Fuorisalone.it will put companies in contact with partners, customers, resellers and the selected public. This is to do training and promotion, creating a direct contact between companies and professionals in order to present new products, share strategies with the sales force and meet new potential customers.

FUORISALONE 2019. Super Design Show – Photo by Superstudio.

  • 米兰设计周 Fuorisalone China – In April “we will inaugurate the official Wechat, Weibo and Tencent Video channels. It is the first step of a wider collaboration and networking project with the most important Chinese Design Weeks.”
  • Fuorisalone Japan – In April “we will launch a new web platform dedicated to Japan. Aimed at architects, designers and companies as well as the Japanese public, designed to communicate the best of design and lifestyle and promote the culture of Milan Design Week thanks to an operating team between the two countries and dedicated consultancy services.”
Repubblica del Design debuts at Fuorisalone 2019 - Photo via IG, follow @bovisadesigndistrict.

Repubblica del Design debuts at Fuorisalone 2019 – Photo via IG, follow @bovisadesigndistrict.

Will the territorial fall event be postponed? In October, in the Milan calendar there is the Fall Design Week which sees the main moment in the Brera Design Days, in this light the Fuorisalone actors are evaluating a shared event to be defined between September and October of which we will give more details in the weeks to follow.

Brera Design District