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Milan based design studio QUarch Atelier designed HopLow & Family, a fairytale blown-glass table lamp collection handcrafted in a laboratory near Venice that features mushroom-like lamps inspired by the dreamy creatures of woodlands fables.

HopLow & Family by QUarch 01

The HopLow & Family collection is part of the Terre di Atanor (Lands of Atanor) project by Merotto Milani that combines architects and designers with North-Eastern Italian artisans to create magical and intimate products.

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Cageling by Ontwerpduo
Ontwerpduo cage 000
El Espinar House by Miguel Guzman
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Marina del Monaco and Simone Fumagalli of QUarch Atelier comment: “We think to objects  as feelings… as keepers of littles tales that can be intercepted only by those who want to get lost beyond the borders of rationality.

HopLow & Family by QUarch 02

“HopLow is a small night-stand lamp, a little private object that allowed us to work on our intimate need for shadow.  Indeed the transition from light to shade creates a liminal moment  during wich reality meet the dimention of dreams”.

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C’est chouette! by Quarch-atelier
Runaway lamp by Nika Zupanc

Merotto Milani is a team of professionals for tailored and crafted architectures and interiors made in wood and metal. The Terre di Atanor project aims to  to narrate craftsmanship skills in North-eastern Italy with the collaboration of both emerging and estabilished designers like Tobia Scarpa, Piero Lissoni, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez and Luciano Benetton.

HopLow & Family by QUarch 05

According to legends, atanor was the ancient crucible where the alchemists used to do experiments with the matter to create life. That’s why designers, architects and artists have been called to create products able to narrate a story and the inspirations of their creators.

HopLow & Family by QUarch 04

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The Fox’s Den by Zim Zou for Hermès
Kukkuluuruu by Marimekko
Kukkuluuruu by Marimekko
The Fox’s Den by Zim Zou for Hermès
Kukkuluuruu by Marimekko
The Fox’s Den by Zim Zou for Hermès
The Fox’s Den by Zim Zou for Hermès

HopLow & Family by QUarch 03

Photos: courtesy of QUarchAtelier.

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