MOKUREN by Naoto Fukasawa for Lladrò - Photo by Lladrò.

Euroluce 2023. MOKUREN by Naoto Fukasawa for Lladrò – Photo by Lladrò.

Design – Archipanic founder and editor-in-chief Enrico Zilli explored Euroluce 2023, Salone del Mobile‘s exhibition dedicated to lighting design, and selected 16 innovative lamps and chandeliers debuting in Milan.

Cloud by Maxim Velčovský for Lasvit

CLOUD by Maxim Velčovský for Lasvit - Photo by Lasvit.

Photo by Lasvit.

Lasvit Art Director Maxim Velčovský designed a celestially-inspired chandelier made from recycled glass and optic fiber that brings together our two notions of the cloud: the atmospheric formation that inspired people and cultures for millennia and the technological phenomenon allowing for networked structure and connectivity. Cloud glows poetically and welcomes visitors to the Czech brand booth.

Vis à Vis by Michele Groppi for Davide Groppi

VIS À VIS by Michele Groppi for Davide Groppi - Photo by Davide Groppi.

Photo by Davide Groppi.

Davide Groppi presents Vis à vis, a rechargeable and transparent table lamp designed by Michele Groppi. “Ten years after the presentation of our first battery-operated lamp, we wanted to add a new idea of wireless light, remaining unique and innovative. Once again, we decided to take away, seeking only the light.” Explains Michele Groppi. Vis à Vis fascinates with its poetic and magnetic transparencies. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Crystal Beat by Preciosa Lighting

CRYSTAL BEAT by Preciosa Lighting at Euroluce 2023 - Photo by Jan Dolezal, courtesy of Preciosa Lighting.

Photo by Jan Dolezal, courtesy of Preciosa Lighting.

Preciosa Lighting presents the Crystal Beat installation inviting visitors to experience a mesmerising journey through a labyrinth of shimmering rhythm and light. Crystal Beat is inspired by the company’s new Signature Design, Crystal Grid. Making its debut at the fair, the design concept combines the patterns of orthogonality with the sparkle of crystal – using hand-blown crystal tubes and a grid structure to create a spatial impression through form and illumination.

Fleur by Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini

FLEUR by Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini - Photo by Foscarini.

Photo by Foscarini.

Foscarini presents Fleur, a poetic portable table lamp that doubles as a vase or table centerpiece for romantic dinners at home or summer nights on the terrace. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Fleur consists in a glass vase that can be filled with water, and a metal upper part hiding a small LED circuit and a powerful battery.

Signature by Ingo Maurer

SIGNATURE by Ingo Maurer - ©Ingo Maurer gmbh.

©Ingo Maurer GmbH.

Ingo Maurer is back! The German brand returns to Milan with new collections highlighting the irony, wittiness, and poetry of its late founder Ingo Maurer. Inspired by the idea of chance – the uncontrolled form created by a falling cable – Signature is a suspended lamp you can compose and draw in the air, just like a signature. “There are many lamps with geometric and stereometric shapes on the market. To counter this with something – something disorderly – is characteristic of the company Ingo Maurer.” Says Axel Schmid from Ingo Maurer’s Design Team.

Peaks by Micheal Anastassiades

PEAKS by Michael Anastassiades - Photo by Alexandros Pissourios.

Photo by Alexandros Pissourios.

Cypriot designer Micheal Anastassiades has created a family of pendants composed of a string of elongated cones in different configurations. The graded shading on the curved surface of each cone is as much of a feature as the projected beams emitted from each cone. Peaks can be displayed as a single, double, or triple arrangement, pointing up or down depending on the preferred direction of light.

Black Flag by Konstantin Grcic for FLOS

BLACK FLAG by Konstantin Grcic x FLOS - Photo by FLOS.

Photo by FLOS.

FLOS presents Black Flag, a ‘rebellious’ lamp by Konstantin Grcic that can extend up to 3,5 meters from the wall bringing light to the heart of any space. While its folded form resembles a sleek and powerful sculpture. Named after the pioneering and rebellious spirit of a famous rock band, Black Flag is a statement piece that commands attention yet remains humble in its purpose,” says Konstantin Grcic.

Liiu by VANTOT for Luceplan

LIIU by VANTOT for Luceplan - Photo by Luceplan.

Photo by Luceplan.

Luceplan presents Liiu, a poetic of suspension lamps designed by VANTOT that allows infinite configurations. Based on advanced research on high-performance technical lighting solutions, the basic structure comprises electrified metal cables attached to the ceiling and kept in constant tension by counterweights. The bodies of the lamps are positioned on the wires using two very light arms that support the heads, tapering into a spiral at the extremity.

Candela by Candela Cort for LZF

CANDELA Lamp by Candela Cort for LZF - Photo by

CANDELA Lamp by Candela Cort for LZF – Photo by

LZF is known for its poetic use of wood as if it was paper or textile. The Spanish lighting design brand collaborated with Madrid-based fashion designer  Candela Cort to create a collection of pendants and wall lamps, recalling the compositions and colour balances of Wassily Kandinsky. “The moment I got to know the LZF lamps, I felt connected to my world of headdresses and hats. I immediately imagined my creations as lamps.” Says Cancel Cort.

Saliscendi by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Stilnovo

SALISCENDI by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni - Photo by Stilnovo.

Photo by Stilnovo.

In 1957, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed Saliscendi, a practical pendant lamp that allows multiple illumination solutions by pulling down the light source. Only two prototypes were produced because the project was far too forward-thinking then. Smart working has transformed kitchen tables into desks and vice-versa. A single pendant lamp on the ceiling might be ideal for dinner but not for work. That is why Italian lighting brand Stilnovo has re-edited a project in the drawer for too long.

Prisma by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

PRISMA by Lucie Koldova for Brokis - ©Martin Chum.

©Martin Chum.

Czech lighting brand Brokis presents Prisma, a bold lighting collection by Prague-based designer Lucie Koldova. The design consists of a horizontal pendant light with two dual glass spheres and a vertical pendant light with a single glass sphere, both of which hang from wire ropes. The structured finish on the metal fixture is available in yellow zinc lacquer and brushed steel lacquer. Prima is like a jewel to adorn private interiors, hotels, and restaurants.

Multidot by Brian Sironi for Martinelli Luce

MULTIDOT by Brian Sironi for Martinelli Luce - Photo by Martinelli Luce.

Photo by Martinelli Luce.

Inspired by the chandeliers of the past, Multidot offers a modern interpretation of this suspension, updating it from a compositional, expressive, and technological point of view. Designed by Brian Sironi for Martinelli Luce, low-voltage electrical cables have been specifically designed to become the lamp’s structural, decorative, and technological elements. Multidot is extremely flexible and configurable for any environment. Each cable can be arranged freely in the space, generating infinite compositions, both regular and random, which differ in terms of the number and length of the cables and the number of LED light spheres attached.

Dreispitz by Herzog & de Meuron for Artemide

DREISPITZ by Herzog de Meuron for Artemide - Photo by Artemide.

Photo by Artemide.

Italian lighting company Artemide presents Dreispitz, a functional solution that is nonetheless poetic thanks to the simplicity of its geometry and the freedom it allows to create graphic compositions that combine horizontal and vertical elements. A single product with double emission thus adapts to the three dimensions of space with different standalone and systemic versions. Dreispitz was designed by international architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron.

Africa by Francisco Gomez Pas for Vibia

AFRICA by Francisco Gomez Pas for Vibia - Courtesy of Vibia.

Courtesy of Vibia.

Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz for Spanish lighting company Vibia, the new Africa collection invites you to reach out and grasp it. Defined by a slender, conical stem that leads to a neat head, the table lamp explores beauty, functionality, and the essence of humanity. “Africa was born as a response to the latest ways of inhabiting, in which the hybridisation of residential and professional spaces is increasingly nomadic, free, and casual.” Explains Francisco Gomez Paz.

Baggy by Paola Navone for Contardi

BAGGY by Paola Navone for Contardi Lighting - Photo by Marco Reggi, courtesy of Contardi Lighting.

Photo by Marco Reggi, courtesy of Contardi Lighting.

Italian company Contardi presents Baggy, a collection of lamps by Paola Navone with an informal and playful mood, like the oversize pants that inspire its name. Each Baggy lamp is composed of individual modules of different sizes that allow total freedom of composition. “Contardi has fostered the aptitude for imperfection in our design approach, accepting an interpretation of the company’s rigorous essence in a project of lamps of ephemeral balance and an air of irony.” Says Paola Navone.

Mokuren by Naoto Fukasawa for Lladrò

MOKUREN by Naoto Fukasawa for Lladrò - Photo by Lladrò.

Photo by Lladrò.

Mokuren is a blooming chandelier combining nature, craftsmanship, and design – the essential ingredients of Japanese master Naoto Fukasawa and Spanish ceramic and lighting company Lladró. Fukasawa has been inspired by the white magnolia tree, which symbolizes eternal bonds, and the striking beauty of its flowers. The author says, “When I saw the flower and thought of white porcelain, its texture, and qualities, I automatically composed the idea in my head.”