Dutch Design Awards 2021. BYBORRE CREATE - Photo by BYBORRE, courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Dutch Design Awards 2021. BYBORRE CREATE – © BYBORRE. All images and photos courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Design – In Eindhoven, the Dutch Design Foundation announced the winners of the Dutch Design Award 2021, the prize celebrating the country’s creativity at 360° from product design to fashion and graphic design. The international jury evaluated the submitted project starting from their impact on people, nature, and society.

Graphic Design

Dutch Design Awards 2021. STAY SANE STAY SAFE by Studio Lennarts & De Bruun x Overdeschreef - Courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation

Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and overdeschreef launched the Stay Sane Stay Safe project at the pandemic’s beginning. The designers invited over 87 designers from all over the world to create graphic designs with encouraging messages. The free-to-download and print creative works aimed to bring a positive message in the people’s homes during the lockdown.

Product Design

Dutch Design Awards 2021. BYBORRE CREATE - Photo by BYBORRE, courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Photo by BYBORRE.

Borre Akkersdijk, the founder of the textile label Byborre, developed the Byborre Create™ accessible tool and platform that simplifies textile design for makers and customers, preventing textile waste and allowing freedom of creation. The platform includes a library full of responsible synthetic and natural yarns, knitting structures and production facilities.

Young Designer

Dutch Design Awards 2021. Work by Audrey Large - Courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Blurring the digital and physical boundaries, French designer Audrey Large creates 3D-printed sculptural works resulting from extensive research into digital cinema and image theory. The balance between form and function and clever use of colour creates tactile illusions with an alienating character.

Habitat Design

Dutch Design Awards 2021. MARKER WADDEN - Photo by Theo Baart, courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation

Photo by Theo Baart.

The Marker Wadden natural reserve within an artificial archipelago developed within lake Markermeer won the Habitat Design Award for being an “impressive, non-human oriented approach that largely leaves nature to shape the landscape,” explained the jury. The landscape design features marshlands and shallow water protected by two rows of dunes to recover the ecology and biodiversity of the area.

Fashion Design

Dutch Design Awards 2021. LEELA by The Fabricant - Courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation

We waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but our imagination,” say at Amsterdam-based digital fashion house The Fabricant. The brand launched the platform LEELA – which means ‘play’ in Hindi – that allows users to create a photo-real avatar that they can dress in digital fashion garments from a specially designed digital-only couture collection called FLUID. The 3D technology will enable users to capture images of their digitally dressed avatars from multiple perspectives, sharing across social media.

Design Research

Dutch Desing Awards 2021. GOOD NEIGHBOURS by Affect Lav - Photo by Esme Mai, courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Photo by Esme Mai.

How mobile technology and social networking can harden the way we judge and interact with other people? The Good Neighbor project by Affect Lab raises urgent questions about community building in a time of heightened fear and paranoia towards strangers. Through an immersive performance in an Amsterdam neighbourhood, actors confronted visitors with ethical choices. The results become part of a more extensive research programme involving urban planners, knowledge institutes and students studying design for social impact.

Data & Interaction

Dutch Design Awards 2021. GLOBALANCE WORLD by CLEVER FRANKE- Courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Commissioned by the Swiss private Globalance Bank, CLEVER°FRANKE has developed Globalance World, a sort of ‘Google Earth for Investors’ that depicts in an accessible way how investments can have a positive influence on the flow of money. The platform analysed and visualised data relating to climate impact, footprint, future-focused trends and financial return, thus enabling people to make sustainable investment decisions.


Dutch Design Awards 2021. Circulair Warenhuis by Stitching Kringloopbedrijf Het Warenhuis x Popma Ter Steege Architecten x Buro Bordo X Raw Color - Photo by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk, courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Photo by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk.

Popma ter Steege Architects, Buro Bordo and Raw Color teamed up with Stichting Kringloopbedrijf Het Warenhuis, one of the largest second-hand and recycling companies in the Netherlands, to find new ways of reusing and raising awareness. Designers Nienke Hoogvliet, Max Lipsey, Studio Makkink & Bey and Fraser McPhee have each researched a flow of waste materials and developed a prototype that can be produced in the company’s department store.

Dutch Design Awards 2021. Work by Audrey Large - Courtesy of Dutch Design Foundation.

Work by Audrey Large.

Photos: courtesy of Dutch Design Week.