Image by Dezeen.

Dezeen launched an unofficial competition to redesign a new British passport representing a positive vision of post-Brexit UK to the world. Archipanic spoke with editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the upcoming challenges of the design sector.

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Current EU British Passport.

Current EU British Passport.

“Architects, designers and all creatives need to be positive and focus on how their work can benefit society, culture, the environment and the world in general” Says Marcus Fairs to Archipanic.

But they also need to become better at quantifying and articulating that benefit, and more forceful and vociferous in stating their case”. Professionals should make sure that the government’s Brexit strategies won’t damage the design industry.

OMA installation at London Design Museum features one furniture from each European country.

OMA pan-European room at London Design Museum featured 28 furniture from all 28 EU countries.

The EU referendum vote divided the country, with the majority of creatives voting to remain in the EU”. In August, Dezeen involved a think tank of influencers including Thomas Heatherwick, Terence Conran, Richard Rogers, Jasper Morrison and many more to write a BREXIT DESIGN MANIFESTO. The document recapped in five points what the sector needs from the government to help it rise the challenge:

1. recognise the industry’s relevance,

2. grant a high-level education system that includes international and exchange programmes,

3. grant international recruitment and allow EU employees working in the UK design firms to remain the country,

4. enact policies to support both small and larger manufacturers

5. protect international intellectual property.

Image by Dezeen.

“There is a global culture war underway and recently dark forces have gained the upper hand. But they have not won, there is still everything to fight for, and everyone can play a part” 

Says Marcus Fairs to Archipanic

Whether we like it or not, Brexit is going to happen. So it’s time to start thinking about what image the UK wants to project and trying to create a positive vision for the future. A new passport could help achieve that.

Dezeen unofficial contest to come up with a new design for the citizenship document aims to convey a hopeful and proactive attitude as well. “What should the UK passport look like after Brexit? We are looking for designs that present a positive vision of the post-Brexit UK to the world, and that represent all its citizens”.

There is a top prize of £1,000 for the winning design plus £500 for second place and £250 for third place. The awarded projects will be exhibited at both London’s Design Museum and Clerkenwell Design Week. The competition is free and open to everyone, with professional designers, non-designers and students in the UK and abroad welcome to enter. SUBMIT.

Design Museum, London.

Design Museum, London.