5 innovative tent designs. Photo: Courtesy of Tentstile

5 innovative tent designs. Photo: Courtesy of Tentstile.

Summer 2018 – With the holiday season in full swing, why not plunging into the wild with style? These innovative tent designs re-think the art of camping and provide unexpected experiences in direct contact with the elements. 

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Tentstile’s latest tree tent allows to camp floating in mid air or on water

5 innovative tent designs. Photo: Courtesy of Tentstile

Courtesy of Tentstile.

Tentsile’s ultimate mesh nylon tent allows explorers to camp on a sheltered paddleboard base which can work as a ground tent, a suspended tree tent – thanks to a robust webbing -, and a floating platform. The 18 square-meter tent comfortably accomodates 3 people when floating and 5 when pitched to the ground.

Renown for its hanging designs, Tentsile was founded by tree house architect Alex Shirley-Smith: “for each tent purchased we makes a donation to plant trees with our partners: Arbour Day Foundation, Eden Project and WeForest. So far we have supported the planting of around 325.000 trees in projects located across Madagascar, Zambia and Oregon”.

Heimplanet Cave: the pole-free inflatable tent for extreme explorers and sci-fi lovers

5 innovative tent designs. Photo by Heimplanet.

Photo by Heimplanet.

You have might seen it pitched on an alien planet in Netflix’s Lost in Space, but you don’t have to venture that far to test it. The inflatable HEIMPLANET CAVE tent weights only 4.8kg and is very easy-to-set up in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to its pole-free geodesic design its structure stabilizes itself fighting extreme wind forces up to 180 kmph.

Kitesurfing-inspired tent flips open into an open air lounge

5 innovative tent designs. Photo by Paulo van Laar.

Image by Paulo van Laar.

TENDO by Dutch designer Paul Van Laar is a wind-resistant sleeping pod which transforms into an open lounge where users can cook and enjoy the sunset. The compact and easy-to-carry one-person shelter was inspired by extremely durable and lightweight kitesurfing designs. Thanks to a valve and a smart pressurizing mechanism, the front tubes unfold and the sides of the mattress bend up to form the structure’s supporting sidewall.

Sebastian Maluska’s pop-up tent fits on the roof of any car

5 innovative tent designs. Image by Sebastian Maluska.

Image by Sebastian Maluska.

Heading to remote areas or traveling on a budget? ÉCAL graduate Sebastian Maluska has created a simple rooftop tent for two-people that can be fitted on top of any car. The structure is composed of aluminium frames covered with waterproof sailing fabric and comes with a ladder which can be hooked on either side of the tent. When closed, the tent works as rooftop storage space with an aerodynamics design.

Stargaze under a transparent bubble dome with underfloor heating and bespoke furniture

5 innovative tent designs. Photo by Finn Lough resort.

Photo by Finn Lough resort.

The Finn Lough resort, in Enniskillen, Ireland, immerse visitors into Nature while being treated like in a luxurious hotel. 7 isolated futuristic-looking bubbles in the wood designed by Dome Experience are kept inflated with an air pressure system. Each unit offers a 360° view on the surrounding nature and features bespoke furniture and heated mattresses. Forget Wi-Fi, enjoy the streaming starry night show.

5 innovative tent designs. Photo: Courtesy of Tentstile.

5 innovative tent designs. Photo: Courtesy of Tentstile.