Young designer Philipp Weber meshed design and music enacting a synesthetic performance that plays with the art and craft of glass-blowing. In the past 2000 years only minor alterations have been made to 1.5m long steel blow-pipes, with no effect to the material. What would happen to the glass, if the function of this tool radically changed?

From here, Weber manipulated the pipe with the mechanism of a trumpet it a way that it could be used as musical instrument influencing on the inner shaping of the glass.

design symphony 01

“I draw my inspiration from cultures, their people and crafts, from literature and from music” Comment Philippe Weber. “During my studies I had the opportunity to get to know a variety of media and materials I can express my ideas with. I use this knowledge to tell and to build my stories, aiming to captivate an audience and to show a different access to a certain topic. In all my projects, whether I work alone or in a team, I always set a high value on inspiring ‘passion’. For me it is the element that makes for a truthful approach in my work”..

design symphony 02

Photo: Courtesy of Philipp Weber


Philipp Weber was born 1987 in Münster, Germany. During his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, he explored a variety of media and materials to express his ideas, always intrigued by language, music and crafts. ‘Creation of a strange Symphony’ outlines his interests, engaging in the creation of a technical instrument for glassblowing, shape studies of glass and a new approach to an often forgotten cultural heritage of Europe.

design symphony 05