Design Shanghai 2018 - 100 Chairs - Photo by @ zhangzhoujiedigitallab via IG.

Design Shanghai 2018 – 100 Chairs – Photo by @ zhangzhoujiedigitallab via IG.

Design Shanghai 2018 – The 5th edition of Asia’s biggest international design event took over the city showcasing established brands, exciting up-and-coming local designers as well as renowned galleries.  Archipanic selected 8 independent Chinese brands proving that the Chinese state of the art of creativity is mature for the international stage.

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Frank Chou Design Studio

Design Shanghai 2018 - Frank Chou Design Studio: Stack Table.

Stack Table by Frank Chou Design Studio.

Frank Chou Design Studio now has become one of the most representative independent design studios in China. The new collection comprises a set of geometrical brass tables for the contemporary living room. “We try to balance aesthetic differences between the East and West through an unique perspective, and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design.” Explains the studio founder Frank Chou.

Endless Form

Design Shanghai 2018 - 100 Chairs - Photo by @ zhangzhoujiedigitallab via IG.

Photo by @ zhangzhoujiedigitallab via IG.

Founded by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab, Endless Form debuted at Design Shanghai 2018 with a collection and installation of 100 digitally developed chairs at the fair’s garden. “Design should be spontaneous, like poem and emotions.” Explains Zhang Zhoujie. “Computer should play a much more important role in design. Designers can set the constraints in computers and allow it to think and design by itself. It is a kind of artificial intelligence, and it is very exiting to see what artificial intelligence can design”.


Design Shanghai 2018 - WUU T-reading lamp

WUU T-reading lamp.

WUU develops contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories, according to millennials lifestyles. The new T-Reading Lamp achieves high accessibilities despite its condensed and minimal exterior look. “Our mood changes with light.” Explains the brand’s founder Furong Chen. Flexible touching patterns determine the light change in small margins to create a different mood or scenery; while “the precision structures intertwine to a perfect experience every time you touch and twist it”.

EY Products

Design Shanghai 2018 - Designer's Gift by EY Products.

The alphabets EY sounds just like surprise in Chinese. We hope our products can bring you that surprise feeling” Explain the founders Jerry Huang and Eva Zhou. The brand expanded their Designers Gift professional cand user-friendly ollection comprising a kit of measuring tools born out of personal experience as designers. “We aimed to create a unique gift with reasonable price and beautiful design”.


Design Shanghai 2018 - Urban Crafts.

UrbanCraft is a contemporary design brand seeking to discover and integrate unique cultural elements of different regions around the world. The company’s founder Ximi Li graduated at China Academy of Art with experience at Milano Politecnico as well as international collaborations with Andrea Branzi, Luca Trazzi and neri&hu. The new design collection features a set of furniture designs including a valet stand, a stool and cabinet made of steel and lacquered wood.


Design Shanghai 2018 - Zaozuo.

Zaozuo is an emerging design brand targeting Chinese growing middle class. As creative director, Italian designer Luca Nichetto has launched a collaboration with China-based Japanese architect Shuhei Aoyama and French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.

8 Hours Design

Design Shanghai 2018 -

Timeline table by 8 Hours Design.

Our goal is to make the workspaces easy and fun through our design and products.” Explains Sherry Xu, mother, businesswoman and founder of the 8 Hours Design brand. The new collection comprises the eclectic and playful Timeline lounge table and Mirror Mirror, a set of uniquely shaped furniture.


Design Shanghai 2018 - Zuny

Zuny is a a specialized in synthetic-leather handicrafts. Well-known for its paperweights and bookends, Zuny creatively shortens the distance between items and people by applying soft curves to enhance the vivid images of objects. On its 10th anniversary the company expand its collection of animal shaped designs.

Design Shanghai 2018 - Mirror Mirror by 8 Hours Design -.

Design Shanghai 2018 – Mirror Mirror by 8 Hours Design -.