LEGO© botanical collection - Courtesy of LEGO©.

Eight design ideas for architects, writers, and poets. LEGO© botanical collection – Courtesy of LEGO©.

Design – Christmas gifts for creatives are the most difficult ones to define. Our design ideas for architects, writers, and poets trigger inspiration, please the eye, and invite us to relax as useful tools for work and leisure.

The ultimate paper tablet

ReMarkable 2 - Photo by ReMarkable.

Photo by ReMarkable.

Paper is an exceptional tool for thinking. It lets your mind run freely without restrictions and focus without distractions. But what if paper were given digital powers? Remarkable 2 is the next generation of paper tablets. A new way to write, read, and take notes with a paper feel never experienced before on a digital device… And with two weeks of battery life. It converts hand-written notes into text, transfers PDFs and e-books, and allows you to write the page directly, instantly connecting with your phone and laptop. “In a world of social media, notifications, and pop-ups, we created ReMarkable 2 to help you focus. No distractions, just you and your thoughts.” Visit the shop here.

Concrete pens for concrete writing

Module Series concrete pens collection - Courtesy of 22 Studio.

Module Series – Courtesy of 22 Studio.

Marks of dividing lines and screw holes are the most noticeable features of concrete plates. From here, 22 Studio has created the Module series of concrete pens with a curved surface derived from the same architectural concept. At the same time, around the joints, natural traces and marks from usage will appear: the more you use them, the darker the colour will be, and the smoother the touch will get. The Module Series pens are the perfect writing tool thanks to the weight and strength of concrete, along with a design that is contoured for your hand. Visit the shop here.

LEGO bouquets

LEGO© botanical collection - Courtesy of LEGO©.

Courtesy of LEGO©.

Architects build. Flowers bloom. What if architects and s could buid bloming botanicals? While many people seek out green spaces to destress and relax, you can now bring a touch of nature into your home and unwind as you create and customise your home with the LEGO® Flower Bouquet and the zen LEGO® Bonsai Tree. The new LEGO Botanical Collection includes several elements from plant-based plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane. Good news: your composition doesn’t need to be watered to stay fresh! Visit the shop here.

Vernacular Italian vintage design

Courtesy of FATTOBENE.

Courtesy of FATTOBENE.

Fattobene –  well made in Italian – is an online shop and a platform to archive and sell iconic everyday objects from Italy’s industrial heritage. “We travel through Italy to discover special and unique items, like art déco soaps and modernist saffron packaging, old-time candies, vintage stationery, and niche farmers’ textiles that have been producing the same way for hundreds of years. We want to create a place where people can relax and read interesting stories about objects that are difficult to find anywhere else.” The platform offers multiple ideas combining charming historical packaging with unique design and extraordinary stories. Visit the shop here.

The humble alarm clock for some good analog time

AC02 analogue clock by Punkt. - Photo via IG, follow @punktdesign.

Photo via IG, follow @punktdesign.

And so this is Christmas, sang John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Time to disconnect from pushy notifications and focus on real, analog, and quality time with friends and family. That’s why the AC02 alarm clock by Punkt. is designed to do its job and nothing else. Its clean, minimalist, and solid elegance “traces its design heritage back to the Bauhaus movement of 1920s Germany,” says Petter Neby, founder of Punkt. Top-quality components are mounted within an outer housing of one-piece aluminum. Humble functionality with no frills. Visit the shop here.

Design accessories by Tom Dixon

Scent ECLECTIC by Tom Dixon - Photo by Tom Dixon.

Photo by Tom Dixon.

British designer Tom Dixon celebrates the festive seasons with a selection of extraordinary gifts designed to last a lifetime. Available as a diffuser, medium or large candle, and incense gift set, the new ROOT scent collection comes in exquisite, hand-spun steel vessels diffusing sweet, spicy, and warm notes from turmeric and ginger roots. The containers are made to be repurposed and have the perfect size to become vessels for your fresh blooms, loose stationery, or make-up brushes. Visit the shop here.

House-shaped desk organiser

Sketch Tool Book by Muuto - Photo by Muuto.

Photo by Muuto.

Finnish design brand Muuto presents Sketch Toolbox. With a straightforward, functional design referencing the simple architectural lines of a house, the desk organiser offers various rooms to accommodate a broad range of functions and needs. Cast in one recycled plastic monolithic piece with a handle for portability, it is a friendly companion in daily life – at home, in the workshop, or in the nomadic workplace. Buy it here.

The desk lamp doubling as a perfect design set for a contemporary Nativity

Fienile table lamp by Daniel Rybakken x Luceplan - Photo by Luceplan.

Photo by Luceplan.

FienileBarn in Italian – is a table lamp by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan is a table lamp inspired by the image of simple rural haylofts in Norway, featuring a low-pitched roof and central and lateral walls in satin-finish anodized aluminium. The micro-architecture projects soft, warm light from LED sources above onto a lower surface. Ideal for working at the desk. The lighting design can also double as the perfect centre piece for a contemporary architectural Nativity set. Buy it here.

All photos: courtesy of the brands.