Hazel Project by Razer© - Photo by Razer©.

COVID-Tech @ CES 2021. Hazel Project by Razer© – Photo by Razer©.

CES 2021, Technology – Smart face-masks with neon-lit transparent designs, air-purifying fashionable collars, sanitizing autonomous robots and AI brain mapping to overcome mental pandemic… At CES, the worlds’ most influential tech trade show, COVID-19 took the central stage. We rounded-up 7 innovations on show.

The world’s first face-mask with built-in EarPods

© Maskfone.

© Maskfone.

Government and healthcare officials have recommended the mask-up in public settings or where social distancing is difficult to maintain. MASKFONE allows you to stay protected on the go while still being able to take calls and listen to music.

Featuring replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, the tech-face-mask was designed to help reduce the need to adjust or remove your face mask to speak on a mobile phone in these situations.

The transparent neon-lit face-mask

Hazel Project by Razer© - Photo by Razer©.

Hazel Project by Razer© – Photo by Razer©.

Gamers’ leading lifestyle brand Razer© has unveiled Project Hazel. The concept face-mask innovates with N95 medical-grade respirator protection using detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and Smart Pods that regulate airflow for optimal breathability. Its high bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods filter at least 95% of airborne particles and have a high fluid resistance.

The transparent device allows to see view facial cues such as a smile or laugh and features interior neon lights activating automatically in the dark. A built-in microphone and amplifier enhance the user’s speech for clear communication.

The fashionable air-purifying collar

Airvida L1 - Photo by ©Airvida.

Airvida L1 – Photo by ©Airvida.

Airvida L1 is the smallest air-purifying ‘invisible mask’ that effectively shields against airborne particles – including PM2.5, formaldehyde, and pollens -, smoke, bacteria, and viruses. Worn around the neck, the 70g elegant device generates two million negative ions per second through its patented double-vents, creating 100 times the concentration of negative ions found in nature.

The ions in this swarm rapidly cling to airborne particles, turning them into bigger and heavier chunks, which gravity sends quickly ground-ward. This process effectively eliminates harmful particles from being inhaled whether you are at the gym, in the office, at the restaurant or on the bus.

Autonomous sanitising quarantine robots

CoroBot - Courtesy of Hill Engeineering.

CoroBot – Courtesy of Hill Engineering.

Sanitising public spaces has never been a major global issue until 2020. Equipped with V-Arm and H-Arm flexible arms that can operate vertically and horizontally, Corobot is an autonomous sanitizing bot by Hills Engineering Co.ltd. Thanks to UV scanning devices – UV light has proved to be a performing solution to get rid of viruses and bacteria – as well as sanitizing spraying faucets, they can make offices, airports and other public spaces safer.

CoroBot - Courtesy of Hill Engeineering.

CoroBot – Courtesy of Hill Engineering.

Coro-Bot also features an articulated robot arm to cover uneven surfaces and an air circulator to sterilize airborne coronavirus and other viruses with its far-infrared ceramic filter reaching 200 degrees Celsius. All these components together can effectively disinfect every venue people use.

Air-sanitising solutions for shared vehicles

Grenlite - Photo by © GHSP.

grēnlite – Photo by © GHSP.

GHSP introduces grēnlite, a line of UV-C treatment products, to private vehicles, which could offer a safe solution for taxis, car-sharing and public transport. The UV-C system enables users to disinfect their vehicles with UV-C light that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus.

We are committed to creating highly advanced, intuitive control systems and multifunction devices that advance the future of automotive and introduce a new level of safety the world has come to expect.” Said Marc Smeyers, GHSP’s Chief Technology Officer.

The AI Brain Mapping headset to overcome mental pandemic

iSyncWave™ by iMediSync - Image by iMediSync.

iSyncWave™ by iMediSync – Image by iMediSync.

iMediSync introduced iSyncWave™, AI brain Mapping and personalized NIR-LED photobiomodulation therapy that will enhance neural activity, optimizing a person’s brain thanks to a smart helmet and an app.

We will tack the current mental pandemic and Corona Blue with its novel approach to biomarker development and personalized photobiomodulation therapy.” Accessible for both at doctor’s clinics and patients’ homes, the innovation aims to provide a practical solution for remote health care.

The 100% touchless doorbell

Even if it has been proved that the risk of contagion from touching infected surfaces is low, we have all grew more concerned about ringing buzzers that many people might have touched before. Alarm.com introduced the 100% touchless video doorbell that rings itself, so your hands stay clean.

The buzzer activates when a guest walks on a sensor placed on the floor just in front of the door. The built-in camera and microphone let you talk with them through your phone without opening the door, An ideal solution for both private houses and condominiums.

Touchless doorbell - Image by Alarm.com.

Touchless doorbell – Image by Alarm.com.

All photos: courtesy of CES or the companies.