Collect 2020 - Tal Batit @ Collect Open - Photo by Anatoly Krinitzky.

Collect 2020 – Tal Batit @ Collect Open – Photo by Anatoly Krinitzky.

#Preview COLLECT 2020 – The 16th edition of Collect, the only gallery-presented art fair dedicated to modern craft and design, is set to take over Somerset House in London from February 27 until March 1. We have selected 6 exquisite objects rethinking the art of making while experimenting with materials and processes.

Organised by the Crafts Council, Collect 2020 features 42 international galleries as well as the works of over 400 artists. Collect Open, the fair’s creative platform, showcases 12 ambitious craft-led installations with four artist collaborations. This year, keep an eye on glass and check specialist glass galleries such as London Glassblowing, North Lands Creative and Galerie Kuzebauch.

Alexandra Muresan x North Lands Creative.

Alexandra Muresan x North Lands Creative

North Lands Creative presents Alexandra Muresan’s Vaporous Memories. The based artist experimented with, metal meshes and objects to craft an intricately delicate collection reflecting on the way we push nature and our environment towards breaking point through invasive industrial behaviour. “I am fascinated with the dialectic between beauty and ugliness, between effect and defect, between perfection and error”.

Edmond Byrne and Adi Toch's vessels.

Edmond Byrne and Adi Toch’s vessels.

At Collect Open, witness a glass and metal encounter in the work of Edmond Byrne and Adi Toch who present glass objects combined with silver and copper to demonstrate the exploration of material hierarchies. Through a unique experimental process that they have developed a technique has resulted which “allows the materials to react, fuse, stain or mirror, and creates a new visual language of textures, colours and forms.”

Collect 2020 - Tal Batit @ Collect Open - Photo by Anatoly Krinitzky.

Photo by Anatoly Krinitzky.

BATIT Studio creates quirky and post-modernist ceramics that are inspired by ancient traditions as well. At Collect Open, the Tel Aviv-based studio  presents “Ethnic: Synthetic a new and modern interpretation of a carpet”: thousands of ceramic pieces, created by slip casting into moulds, are interwoven to create a three-dimensional pattern.

Steffen Damm's Cabinet for Collect 2020 - Courtesy of Joanna Bird.

Steffen Damm’s Cabinet for Collect 2020 – Courtesy of Joanna Bird.

Steffen Damm expands his Cabinet of Curiosities project for Joanna Bird featuring stunning rendering of fictitious marine invertebrates. The blown and cast glass creatures which seem to be preserved in formalin in biologists’ glass jars are displayed in one of his largest cabinets yet.

Impasto by Tim Rawlinson x London Glassblowing.

Impasto by Tim Rawlinson x London Glassblowing.

London Glassblowing presents Tim Rawlinson’s sculptural glassworks. Fascinated with the way light passes through glass, Tim exploits transparency, as an essential and primary quality, manipulating and distorting both colour and form in order to challenge his viewer’s perceptions. “The refractive qualities of glass create optical effects, shadows and reflections, that transform their environment creating an architecture of light and colour”.

Linda Bloomfield's vessels - Photo by Henry Bloomfield.

Linda Bloomfield’s vessels – Photo by Henry Bloomfield.

Ceramicist Linda Bloomfield exhibits lichen glazed porcelain pieces with a sustainable message: “My installation will bring attention to the effects of global warming and pollution on lichens”. Sensitive to pollutants including sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide and ozone, lichens are indicators of clean air. Bloomfield has used crawl glazes in ochre, viridian green and chalk white to represent the lichens. At first, the lichen effect glazes cover the forms abundantly, then gradually decrease until the forms are dark and barren.