Frame from YT video of Innosparks.

CES 2020 sustainable startups fighting Climate Change. Frame from YT video of Innosparks.

CES 2020CTA®, the Consumer Technology Association – owner and producer of CES-Consumer Electronic Sow running in Las Vegas on January 7-9, 2020 – announced the 6 CES 2020 sustainable startups winners of its third-annual CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators contest, recognising emerging innovations that help improve the environment and enable consumers to live more efficiently and combat climate change by cutting worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

CES Las Vegas - Photo by Ryan Boyles, Creative Commons.

Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Photo by Ryan Boyles, Creative Commons.

From sustainable ridesharing options to more efficient cooling systems for city dwellers, this year’s winners reflect our industry’s commitment to protecting the planet for generations to come.”  said Walter Alcorn, vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability, CTA.

Smart cooler

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The climate in Singapore is extremely hot and humid. We knew if we could achieve a breakthrough here in the most challenging conditions to cool, we would make a real difference in the world.” Says Li Fuyun, head at ST Engineering Innosparks‘ which developed the Airbitat Compact Cooler. The smart device delivers breakthrough deep cooling with energy-efficient performance in hot and humid climates. While other conventional coolers struggle to cool with output at 27-28oC, Airbitat Smart Cooler delivers airstreams from 24oC, creating cool refreshing spaces in outdoor and semi-shaded spaces.

Sharing solar energy

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Photo via FB by Sunleavs.

Photo via FB by Sunleavs.

Solar energy has been a a breakthrough in sustainability. Still, the optimization of such technology as been dilemma. With sharing economy in mind, French startup SUNLEAVS enables groups of consumers to share common solar energy production facilities and the electricity produced among them.

Affordable carpooling

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Photo via IG by @ridesvp

Photo via IG by @ridesvp.

Driving somewhere soon with empty seats? Or looking for a cheap, fun, and green ride? Remind that fewer cars on the road means less carbon impact! RideSVP’s Green Carpool Network connects drivers and passengers to carpool on city-to-city trips in an affordable, social and sustainable way.

Connected green biking

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Photo by Frank Kehren - Creative Commons.

Photo by Frank Kehren – Creative Commons.

Green Systems Automotives developed an innovative, connected and integrated Flexfuel conversion device designed and engineered for powered two-wheelers that drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. “Our innovative system – patent pending – will allow you to use Ethanol/E85, conventional fuel or a mix of the both in any proportion thanks to its embedded fuel sensor.” The innovation can be fitted to motorcycles, scooters and all types of leisure vehicles such as sea scooters, snowmobiles, watercraft and more.

Turning hard electronics into flexible smart devices

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CES 2020. Photo by Omniply.

CES 2020 startups. Photo by Omniply.

Omniply Technologies’ Mekal is a unique solution to manufacturing high-performance and high-resolution electronics, such as displays, using traditional micro/nano-fabrication methods in a flexible form factor. “Our patent-protected delamination technology facilitates the separation of flexible circuits from their rigid carrier without compromising device performance.” Explain at Omniply.

IoT Solar Panels

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Photo by Pieter Morlion, Creative Commons

Photo by Pieter Morlion, Creative Commons.

Edgehog presents solar panels with an ultra-transmissive cover glass that address local power generation needs from IoT sensors to roof-top solar panels with on average 15% higher output. “Our technology is superior to competing antireflection technologies in large incident angles, which helps utility scale integration by reducing the ramp up slop in the duck curve in the late afternoon.”