Cersaie 2019 - Gallery 3000 by Duka - Image courtesy of Duka
Cersaie 2019. Above: Gallery 3000 by Duka.

Cersaie 2019 – We picked 6 stylish bathroom designs debuting at the most influential bathroom and ceramic design fair kicking off today at Cersaie in Bologna, Italy. Brace for cocooning and multi-sensorial water jets and super-neat shower boxes! 

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Cocooning and multi-sensorial water jets

Cersaie 2019. Courtesy of Dornbracht

Michael Neumayr has created Aquamoon ATT, Dornbracht’s multi sensorial encounter with water. Different types of jets create unexpected and emotional wellness experiences. Water envelops the body like a cocoon of droplets, a protective liquid cloud. Minimal design and a smart display allow to customize the experience by selecting different aroma and chromo-therapy solutions.

The super thin radiator

Ridea launches the super-thin aluminum radiator. Finothin, in Italian – is the 3.5 cm thick modular design matching all interiors with a humble, yet practical, solutions, even in the smaller and most minimal interiors. The easy-to-install and energy-saving radiator come in different heights and finishings. 

Stain resistant concrete for outdoor washing corners

Cersaie 2019. Agape PETRA furniture by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato with Gypsum for AGAPE.

Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato teamed up with Italian firm Gypsum to develop Petra, a dirt-resistant concrete outdoor and bathroom collection for Agape. The new material is a mixture of cement enriched with carefully selected aggregates. The collection comprises a washbasin available in a countertop or freestanding version, along with a separate countertop surface for the sink to sit on and a shower tray.

Suspended washbasin cabinets

Cersaie 2019. ELLE suspended bathroom cabinet - Courtesy of Ceramica Cielo.

Ceramica CIELO presents Elle, the ultra light suspended washbasin designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano. Available both round and oval designs, the iconic softness of ceramic is framed by a linear square shape. Elle comes in 16 exclusive earthy nuances such as blackboard and volcanic stone. The set is completed by a structure featuring mirrors with perimeter LED lights, towel rails and bars for accessories in painted steel, matt black, brushed bronze or cemento.

Super-neat shower boxes

Cersaie 2019. Gallery 3000 by Duka - Image courtesy of Duka.

Duka expands its Gallery 3000 collection of minimal shower cabins. The custom oriented range features a careful attention to details such as a UV technology to glue glass sheets to the frames without the need of a single screw. The result? The most minimal design with the cleanest and most practical solution for those who want their bathroom neat without hassle.

Moody attitude for intimate daily treats

Cersaie 2019. CODE collection by Arbi.

Moody and stylish. Arbi launches a bathroom design set with an attitude. The new Code design collection features consoles and accessories designed to be tailored for every interior design solution. One example? The Code 05 set features shiny eucalyptus wood shelve with a dashing ceramic washbasin and an aluminum countered mirror, a practical shelf and a stool.